My Hometown: Westborough, MA

This weekend, we spent time in the town I grew up in: Westborough, MA. My parents still live there so we get to visit them and have a trip down memory lane all at once. They talk about selling their too-big-for-two-people house often and I know that would be best for both of them but I’ll be a little sad when I can’t come back to visit.

I’ve always been obsessed with looking at houses ( I even took a looky loo into a 1.1 million plus new build in my town on Mother’s Day) and Westborough offers a few nice ones to take a peek at. (If you’re house obsessed like me, check out one of my favorite blogs Hooked on Houses.)

So, take a gander at some houses in town. First up: The house I called home from age 8 until college. Not exciting to you, I know but it holds so many memories for me. I’m dying to look inside! My parents know the people that live there and I just might call them up to see if I can have a tour. Have you ever had the chance to look inside a house you used to call home?

I love the color of this house in my parent’s neighborhood. The beige with the blue door is so pretty and I love the molding above the windows in lieu of shudders.

Another one from my parent’s neighborhood. So classic. I love the double front doors.

It’s common to see plaques on the front of houses in Westborough like this one that reads Moses Brigham house, c. 1749.

This is one of my favorite houses in town. It’s across from the high school and I remember staring out the window in math class admiring this house. It’s about 3 times as deep as it it wide but I couldn’t get a good picture of the side without walking around their yard. (I didn’t think that was a good idea. Though I know they’re well aware that they have admirers.)

I also like this house on West Main that is part of the National Register of Historic Houses.

I love this tiny house on a side street downtown. Those upper windows add so much character.

I even took a drive around some of the McMansion neighborhoods. I can’t image how cozy these houses are but they’re still pretty.

And of course I need to include my parent’s beautiful house. I love that it has old New England character even though it was built in the 1990s. (Some of the builders in New Jersey could take a lesson from this. Every new house that goes up seems to be trying to compete to have the most  weird roof lines and the highest number of mismatched windows. I’m sure the buyers will be regretting these “unique” exteriors when they need to sell in 20 years.)

So, that’s my little tour of Westborough. Hope you enjoyed the New England charm as much as I do!


Sue at Home


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