Thanks (and Behind the Scenes at a Photo Shoot)

7 Jun

I’m so, so, so excited by the amazing readership I’ve had so far, here at Sue At Home. Most of the thanks goes out to my Facebook friends.  I’m not sure which friends are clicking but a lot of you are and I’m forever grateful! (I’m hoping to get some revenue from this little venture so every single click gets me closer to seeking out some advertisers.) If any of you are wondering what this blog is and why I’m writing it, check out my first post: Starting the Next Chapter.

As my readership has grown, I’ve become obsessed with the Stats page on It’s an amazing peek at where my readers are coming from (are they clicking over from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…?) and where they are REALLY coming from (like what country). I can understand the readers in the US. I can even understand the ones in France (Thanks…Moira? Hortense? Deb?) and Argentina (Hola Erneta familia!). But who is reading this in Canada, Australia, Spain, the UK, and Denmark?? Doesn’t matter, I’m just glad you are.

And don’t forget that even though I’m blogging my little heart out here several times a week, I still have that dayjob over at Ladies’ Home Journal where I’m producing, writing, and styling photo shoots plus blogging about fashion bi-weekly. Today, you can read my latest post that includes behind-the-scenes pictures from our shoot in Joshua Tree, CA a.k.a. One of the Most Beautiful Places I’ve Ever Been. Here’s a sneak peek. Yeah…she was kinda pretty.

And if anyone can’t wait to get the next installment of Sue At Home (or you’re just nice and want to help me grow my readership!), please click on the link all the way at the bottom on this page that says FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL. You’ll become an official subscriber and I will love you for all eternity.

Again, thanks for all the love! Please comment below and tell me who you are and let me know what you want to hear about most. Stuff about the kids? Posts about my house? Pin of the Week? Something else entirely? Do tell!


Sue at Home


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