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Summer Dresses

I love a good dress.

I love them in the winter with tights, a sweater, and boots. But I love them even more in the summer when all you need is some high heeled sandals and a little fun jewelry. I was perusing my favorite fashion mecca (J Crew. Duh.) and saw this beauty that I had to share with you. Now, I know that I have no need for a feather dress (nor do I have the $895 that this dress costs) but I just had to share it because it’s so damn cute. I would totally rock this for a City Hall wedding.

But let’s talk about some realistic dresses. Don’t forget that this blog has not totally taken over my life: I’m still the fashion editor for Ladies’ Home Journal. (Who am I kidding? The blog has totally taken over my life!) Anyway, this week at the day job, I wrote a blog post with lots of super-cute summer dresses – and they’re all under $100. Plus, if you know me, you know that I never pay full price for anything. So be a diligent sale shopper like me and keep an eye on some of these and I’m sure you could score some July 4th deals next week!

Here’s the link: Beat The Heat: 7 Summer Dresses Under $100

I think I might pick up the stripey Gap one this weekend. As for the feather dress? Well, I’ll just have to dream about that as I lay my head on my feather pillow and snuggle up in my down duvet!


Sue at Home

P.S. I did promise you I’d write about fashion way back in the beginning. It only took me 26 posts to do it!

Image via J Crew


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