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A Few Fashion Bon Mots from Lily

Me: “Lily, how was school?”

Lily: “Great. Everyone said my dress was ADORBS.”

One evening, Lily started complimenting my work outfit but her kind words quickly turned to a dis as she explained that the outfit would be “much better” if it was all pink. Another time, when I was wearing a casual dress and flat sandals, she said “Oooo…Mommy! I like your dress! But you should wear high heels with that.”

So, I guess the tip is: Everything is better in pink and with high heels.

The other day I couldn’t find my sunglasses so I grabbed a pair of Pablo’s John Varvatos shades that were hanging around. I thought they looked a little masculine on me but they were fine. Lily took one look at me, made a face, and said “Mommy. You look like a DUDE.”


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