Is Your Wardrobe Ready For Fall?

3 Aug

I know the sun is beating down outside but it’s never too early to think about your fall wardrobe. Sometimes I like to put together a look online and “try it on” (digitally, of course). You know what I mean, right? Something like this little ensemble I pulled together a few years ago for

The funny thing is that was for Fall 2009 and I still wear all those pieces! Maybe that’s proof that buying classic things pays off? Or maybe it’s proof that I need some new clothes!

I picked a bunch of favorites from the fall collections and wrote a new post for Check it out here. It includes lots of beauties like this polka dot cashmere sweater from my beloved J Crew. I’ve never met a p dot I don’t like.

So, make sure you visit to see my picks for Fall fashion. And while you’re there, why not subscribe to Ladies’ Home Journal? It’s only $5.99 for the year and you’ll get to see all the beautiful shoots I work on over there, like these:


Thanks for reading! Happy shopping!


Sue at Home

Polka dot sweater photo from J Crew. All others from


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