What’s Wrong with My Bedroom

15 Aug

There are quite a few things that I like about my redecorated master bedroom but like most things in this house, it’s still a work in progress. Let’s look at how far we’ve come before we see how much farther we need to go.

Not bad but not quite there yet.  You see, I’ve conveniently hidden most of the flaws in my progress shots. (What? You would too and you know it!) Anyway, here’s the honest post where I reveal all the ugly blemishes.

Problem #1: The hideous flushmount light that came with the house. It’s not as bad as some of the other buzzing florescent “boob” lights which we’ve taken down all over the house but it definitely needs to go. So, why is it still there, you ask?  Because I’m not sure what I want to replace it with. Suggestions welcome!

Problem #2: The XL air conditioner that’s built into the wall. For a house with central air, I don’t really see why we need another AC unit in the bedroom. But since it’s BUILT INTO THE WALL, removing it will be a nightmare. So for now, our long curtains hide it.

Problem #3: The too-small headboard. Agreed, it’s got some mid-century coolness but the fact that it’s made for a full bed and we have it propped against the wall behind our king is a little silly. My old roomie found it in the garbage room of our first NYC apartment forever ago – I’m talking mid-90s here. It was free and I’ve used it forever so I think it’s time to spend some money on a grown-up bed. But in classic “Sue at Home” -style, I’m  looking to DIY a headboard (I’ve got a few tutorials saved on Pinterest) and you know I’ll share all the details with you once it happens.

Problem #4: It’s connected to the small, ugliest, “before” of a bathroom. I mean, who puts a half bath in a master? It’s the next room to get a full overhaul but we’re waiting until we can save up some funds. And in the meantime, I’m gathering lots of bathroom inspiration on my bathroom inspiration board on Pinterest. (Check it out and tell me what you think!)

Do you have scary secrets lurking in your house? It’s okay. You can tell me! Leave your confession in the comments.


Sue at Home


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