Cookies and Charity

22 Aug

I wanted to start by following up with some really great news about the lemonade stand that the girls did last month. As I told you at the time, I paid each girl a salary of $4 and was ready to donate the remains of their earnings ($20.50) to Cookies For Kids’ Cancer. Knowing that several of my coworkers felt passionately about the charity, I put a jar out at work and asked for their spare change to add to Sophia and Lily’s lemonade stand money. Obviously, my co-workers are awesome, because they put $82.70 in the jar bringing our total to $103.20! (Isn’t it amazing how giving is contagious?) And it gets better: I promised my co-workers that I would match whatever they put up, so that takes the total to $185.90.

But wait…it gets even better! My company matches charity contributions so I’m working on that now. As long as my contribution is eligible for the match, our total will be…$371.80! Not bad for a little lemonade stand, huh?

Sophia and Lily are absolutely thrilled and I think this really helped to teach them the power of giving. (Oh! And our neighbors had a lemonade stand – inspired by ours – and they gave all the proceeds to St. Jude. See? Giving is contagious!)

In more cookie and charity news, we recently took the girls to Williams-Sonoma (we’re lucky to have one right in town!) for some cookie decorating for charity. (I love this picture of the ladies because they still had no idea where we were taking them and I made them pose on the sidewalk across the street. I don’t know why we always like to “surprise” them with little things like this. We must be driving them crazy! And PS – yes, this is the outfit Sophia puts on when she’s told we’re going out and she has no idea where we’re going.)

For $5 each, they got to pick out a Superhero cookie and decorate it. Now listen, my girls don’t know their Iron Man from their Captain America but cookies? Yeah – they know cookies. Williams-Sonoma sells a cute set of Marvel Comics cookie cutters and even a cakelet pan. I don’t know what a cakelet is but I’m confident I would like it.

Lily picked Captain America and Sophia picked Spiderman and they quickly got to work.


They started out with the correct colors but the excitement over using as much frosting as possible won them over.

 Even Pablo got in on the fun.

I was happy that all the proceeds went to No Kid Hungry, a great charity that believes that no child in America should go hungry. (Good thing to believe in, huh?) You can donate to No Kid hungry here.

So, what kind of giving are you doing? Let me know in the comments!


Sue at Home


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