Back to School: A Visit to Westborough High

It’s almost time for my little ladies to go back to school but in my hometown of Westborough Massachusetts, school has already started. That meant that last year, in the final week of August when we were on vacation at Casa Mimi and Papa, Sophia and I had an opportunity to go and visit my favorite teacher, Mr. Hayes, and get a tour of  the renovated Westborough High School.

Here’s Sophia out in front of the school. Back in the day, anyone could just walk in and out but this time we had to sign in and Mr. Hayes met us at the door.

I always loved the entrance of the school. I think John Hughes could have staged a great Brat Pack movie there. (The Breakfast Club library’s got nothing on our lobby!) The 2nd and 3rd floor balconies surround a huge open space so it was a prime spot for people watching, hunting down the cutest boys in school, or showing off a new outfit. We also used to make birthday messages for friends by spray painting an old sheet and taping it to one of the balconies. Remember, this was back in the late ’80s before you just wished everyone happy birthday via Facebook or by text. (WHS alumni: Remember those doors in the back that used to go to an outdoor veranda on the way to the gym? Well now connect to more classrooms, more gym space, and a huge new theater.)

Mr. Hayes took us for a tour of the school which was barely recognizable from the WHS of my day. But considering there were 234 graduates in 2012 (and only about 135 back in 1990), they needed the space. One of the most drastic changes was Mr. Hayes’ classroom. The space he used to have was about as big as a prison cell, but now the art rooms are in the old library which has high ceilings and huge windows. Here’s Sophia ready for class. (And yes, she is wearing a faux fur vest in August. Do you have a problem with that?)

Sophia had fun showing Mr. Hayes her crayola art set. (WHS alumni: Do you recall those black sketches above the board on the left? I remembered them right away. He’s had them up for years!)

It was totally surreal having my daughter back at my alma mater with me! We had a great time. Thanks for the tour, Mr. Hayes!


Sue at Home

3 thoughts on “Back to School: A Visit to Westborough High”

  1. Thanks for the visit Sue, Sophia looks adorable; ( and her mom not too shabby either) . I don’t take a lot of time to peruse the internet as I am gearing up to retire….so most of my down time is packing up things and tossing the other stuff out; making room and space available for the next guy. This blog looks great, I wish I had your energy and vision to do something similar…allbeit , at a much smaller scale. Please do keep me updated on your blog.The site looks fab.

    John Hayes aka Mistah Hayes

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