House Tour: Lily’s Room (part 1)

18 Sep

I’m so excited to share Lily’s room with you today because it’s one of the most dramatic before and afters in our whole house. To take a space from “office of an elderly man” to “room of a pre-school girl” is quite a change to begin with, but when you think about the fact that the room had brown plaid wallpaper and tan painted trim, you know we’re in for some drama. First up, the before:

Let’s get a closer look at that tan trimmed window frame. Yikes!

And check out this weird hole in the wall that’s big enough to fit an old-school TV. Purty.

And don’t forget about the floor to ceiling bookshelves, just right for any little girl looking to read about the Giants or Pavaroti.

When we first moved in, Lily was so excited to have her own room that she wanted to eat lunch in there. (She didn’t mind the plaid wallpaper!)

But the plaid survived barely a week – it was one of the first things to go thanks to my dad and brother who came down to visit and strip wallpaper in both girl’s rooms. And even big sister, Sophia, got in on the spackling action.

Then some friends of ours kindly offered to come and help us paint (!!) so about a week later, me and my friend Jules tackled Lily’s room, while Pablo and Jules’ husband Michael painted Sophia’s.

And finally, it was done!

Tomorrow, I’ll go into the details (including my temporary solution for covering that big hole in the wall!) and list all the resources used to make this sweet little girl’s room. (Update: Here’s the link to that resource list.) I think she likes it a little bit better than the plaid wallpaper!


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