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Jewelry Storage: Phase 2

Remember awhile back when I showed you my jewels and how I keep them all corralled? (Don’t worry–I’m not quizzing you! I’ll give you a reminder.) Here’s the landscape: Cocktail rings and dangly earrings were in the little square bowl, bracelets and long chains were in the orange lucite tray, and chunkier necklaces and a few more bracelets were in the top dresser drawer.

But the problem (if you can consider it a problem!) is that I have a lot more jewelry than what you see here. I figure as a mom of two girls, there’s not a lot of reason to purge all of the goodies I’ve accumulated during my 15 year career as a fashion editor. (If it’s not worn for real in the future, it can at least be used for “dress up”, no?) I had bags full of costume jewelry that hadn’t seen the light of day since we moved to our little house in December of 2010 so I pulled it all out and laid each piece on the bed in order to prioritize and survey it all. It took a few hours to unpack, untangle and sort, sort, sort but at least I got a chance to really see what I have. (You’ll notice my little helpers popping into the pics below. They couldn’t help themselves!)

It’s interesting to see how trends change. Right now, I’m wearing a lot of  bracelets with either a shorter collared necklace or a long chain necklace. A year or two ago, it was all about a chunky necklace and a cocktail ring. Five years ago, I always wore huge bangle bracelets. And a decade ago, I would never leave the house without a chandelier earring. But I do like to mix it up so I want to keep some options from each group available and store the rest away–but not so far away that I can’t see it or find it when I want to. 

The next step after laying everything out was to figure out what I wanted to be able to access every day–which is a small portion of the total. It was pretty easy to put the new selections back in place:

This time I put only bracelets in the lucite tray, kept earrings and rings in the square bowl, really loaded up the drawer with lots of chunky necklaces, and added a silver compote that I’ve had forever but haven’t been using.

In the compote are most of the smaller wrap bracelets that I wear often.

The only things not on display were the long chains and for those, well, I just didn’t have a solution…yet. (Wait for tomorrow’s post for my problem-solving ah-ha moment. It’s a pretty easy DIY that I’m very proud of. I just love it when something is cheap, quick and functional–and it looks pretty good too!)

The next step was to edit out the stuff I don’t need to be accessing each day. And that was all going to be stored in the greatest storage tool on the planet. I know that is a huge statement but seriously, I have never seen anything that can store this much stuff in this small of a space. It’s the Joy Mangano jewelry organizer from HSN and unfortunately, it’s sold out right now. How could they let that happen? They’ve got to be restocking soon. They’ve just got to!  (Note to self: Don’t take pictures at night again like this crappy one. Sorry, readers!)

And there’s more, kids. It folds, zips closed, and hangs on a hanger. GENIUS!

Of course, since I have no closet space and what little space I have is pitch black (with only a flashlight hanging from a ribbon to guide me…I. KID. YOU. NOT.), I hung this divine invention in my walk-up attic where a quick trip up the stairs can offer me a bunch of options.

Make sure you read tomorrow for my necklace storage DIY!


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