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Pin of the Week: Malachite

It’s been awhile since I did a Pin of the Week but then again, it’s been awhile since I saw something that seriously took my breathe away like this one. When I spied this image of a Sally Wheat design on Marcus Design, I audibly gasped. I don’t know what it is about malachite. I don’t even love that green color but something about the swirly pattern in the stone…I just can’t get enough of it.

There have been a few other malachite images on the interwebs for awhile now. Let’s take a peek.

I’ve always loved Amanda Nisbet’s designs but those chairs on the cover of her new book have me swooning!

This little malachite bowl from Hillary Thomas is the kind of thing that makes my heart go pitter patter. Can someone please tell Santa?

And while I’m sweating over Hillary Thomas’ bowl, why not check this finial from her, too. Dying! Would it be wrong to stick an $85 malachite finial on a lamp from Target?

If a big slab of the real deal is what you need, you can find it here.

This has been one of my favorite pics forever (perhaps you could tell because I’ve pinned it to my foyer inspiration board no less than 3 times). One pin said it was from ELLE Decor but I’m having a hard time confirming that. Please let me know the original source if you know it. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here dreaming of big ass brass lamps on a malachite console table. Delish!

Check out this beautiful little table from Global Views.

Window treatments never made such an impact. via Elle Decor via Coco and Kelly

At $179, this is kinda pricey for how teeny tiny it is but still, it would look great in any room. From The Evolution Store.

Is it any surprise that 1st Dibs has only sold the spectacular top of this table and not the farty boring base?

I might buy this before you do. I mean, lucite AND malachite??

Update: Check out this never-before-seen vintage faux malachite ice bucket. Isn’t it spectacular? It’s from Ivy and Vine and it’ll be available at a special Ivy & Vine sale on One Kings Lane on November 11th. If you can’t wait til then, email Heather at to get first dibs. (Thanks Heather for the Sue at Home exclusive!)

And thanks to Marcus Design, we now have a resource for malachite printed fabric. (Thanks Nancy! Marcus Design is totally becoming a favey blog of mine!)

So, the question now is…what am I going to do with this knowledge? What can I use it for? Pillows for the living room couch? Seat cushions for the dining room?  Or maybe something for the mid-century man cave? I don’t what I’ll do with this fabric yet but one thing’s for sure, I’ll show you the results!


Sue at Home

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