The Quest for Nate

25 Oct

Scoring pieces from designer collections at Target is never easy and you know I was counting the days until the Nate Berkus collection hit Target stores. Here’s my story of the Quest for Nate:

Sunday, October 21st

7:30 am – Alarm goes off. Wake in a Nyquil-induced haze.

7:59 am – Arrive at Target #1 and wonder why the crowd outside the door looks um…how’s the best way to say this?...not the kind of people who are interested in home decor. (Find out later that this came out the same day as Nate. That explains the crowd.)

8:10 am – No Nate stuff in sight. Ask a manager who tells me that (GET THIS!) they won’t be putting it on the floor until tomorrow. WHAT?

8:16 am – Arrive home. Livid, I wake Pablo up and start ranting. Check Put the lamp in my cart and consider ordering online but decide I want it NOW. Call Target #2 to make sure they put the Nate collection out today. They confirm.

8:26 am – Hit the road again.

8:41 am – Arrive at Target #2. Get excited when I see some Nate bedding and towels. I finally find the decor section. They have the black and white chevron urns, one of each, and I grab both. But no brass bowls.  AND NO BRASS LAMP!

8:46 am – Look up the lamp online on my phone so I can ask the person on the floor if they have more in the back. Note that it is now SOLD OUT ONLINE. Curse self for not just ordering online. Red shirt confirms they have no lamps. Steam pours from ears.

9:00 am – Listen to extended remix of Wild Boys (yes!) followed by the Alarm (yes!) thanks to Sirius First Wave on the drive back home. (How does the DJ know what I need?) Assume luck is changing.

9:10 am – Log onto and buy brass urchin, 2 brass bowls, and that silly little ram head. Yet no lamp. (Why I didn’t get the ram head when it was right in front of me in the store, I have no idea. I guess I was too lamp-focused.)

10:00 am – Call Target #1 to check on lamps. Manager tells me there weren’t any delivered to ANY area stores. His records show he has 6 “on the way” but no idea what day they’ll come in. Great.

11:45 am – Get text from sister-in-law in Massachusetts (I told you about her creative gift for Lily here) who had a similar experience. Group text rant commences.

3:33 pm – Sister-in-law calls. She’s in a Target that has lamps! She buys me one and promises to keep it safe until we can get together. Am relieved and thankful but still want it ASAP. Tell her to hold receipt in case I can find one here. Have flashbacks to the Great Leappad Hunt of Christmas 2011. Shutter just thinking of it. (Sister-in-law buys lamp for herself too. Calls me a bad influence. Feel proud but know my brother will not be pleased with me.)

5:38 pm – Brother refers to the lamp his wife just brought home as “something from Sanford and Sons front yard” on Facebook. Smirk knowing that if brother doesn’t get it, it must look really awesome.

Wednesday, October 24th

6:30 pm – Target box on doorstep has ram (not for me. he’ll be going back.), urchin (cute), and brass bowls (LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!).

Thursday, October 25th

8:00 pm – Notice when editing this blog post that Target now has lamps back in stock online. Do I wait until I can get my lamp from my sister-in-law (could be a few weeks before we connect) or order online now and pay shipping? Read Sherry’s post and feel a sense of camaraderie knowing that I’m not the only one who went through hell to get what they wanted. I mean, I know Target wants to create a frenzy and everything…but this is just crazy. Lesson learned: get up early and order online!

Still in lamp limbo…


Sue at Home


4 Responses to “The Quest for Nate”

  1. Jenn Owen October 25, 2012 at 11:03 pm #

    If only we knew when Mom & Dad’s Delivery Service would be dispatching. BTW, I got the beige lamp shade and it looks nice in my bedroom. But not sure it would work for your entryway.

  2. Papa October 25, 2012 at 11:25 pm #

    I love the story…. Sanford and Sons …….. LOL

  3. Stephanie October 26, 2012 at 4:00 pm #

    I wouldn’t order the lamp online. When I ordered from Missoni from Target they said that the scarf was in-stock, only to cancel the order a few weeks later. Better to be safe than sorry!


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