Halloween Costumes

28 Oct

How is that every year I start thinking about Halloween 2 months in advance and yet the night before, I still don’t know what I’m wearing? We’re having a few friends over to watch football today and since the kids will all be in costumes, I feel like it’s my job as hostess to dress up, too. (Also, just cause I love dressing up!)

Let’s take a look at some of the kids costumes from the past few years. Maybe they’ll give me some inspiration!

2006 – Sophia, the chicken  – Bawk! Bawk!

2007 – Sophia as Tigger

2008 – Lily, the lion – (Sophia wore this one as a baby too. It’s such a winner!)

2008 – Me & Pablo as Princess Leia and Darth Vader – I felt like a frump in floor length white polyester but apparently Leia is quite the dream girl for guys my age because I was getting propositioned all night! I think it was the buns. The hair buns, that is.

2009 – Sophia as Aurora (Lily’s wearing this one this year). Sophia wore this dress to school…

…and then wore a Barbie dress for trick-or-treating with Lily, the bunny! (I didn’t mind the switch since both were part of her regular dress-up collection.)

2010 – Sophia as Princess Tiana and Lily as Minnie Mouse (Lily said she didn’t want a costume that year and since I figured she’d change her mind on October 31st, I picked this up and she loved it!)

2011 – Scooby and the gang! Lily as Scooby Doo, Sophia as Daphne, Pablo as Fred…

…and me as Velma.

And that brings us to this year. I have Lily’s, Sophia’s and Pablo’s costumes all nailed down, but what about me? I’ve pulled every wig and feather boa out of my attic but I’m still stumped. Guess I’ll have to throw something together or use an old one. Stay tuned for pictures!


Sue at Home


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