Christmas Decor Shopping

4 Dec

The tree is up. Mariah Carey and Bruce Springsteen are belting out Christmas classics on the ipod. And there’s a sweet smell of gingerbread coming from the oven. That’s right. I’m a little Christmas crazy.

xmas-photo (42)

I love this time of year. Maybe it’s my obsession with sparkly lights and all things glittery. Maybe it’s the elf-life behavior that comes over me when it comes to shopping (I get a little obsessed with finding the perfect gift). Or maybe it’s just another excuse to buy pretty things for my house.

This year I’m eyeing lots of decor goodies from Land of Nod and I thought I’d share a few favorites with you.

The Mary N. Brite collection is right up my alley with lots of bold colors and even some fun rainbow stripes.$web_zoom$&wid=390&hei=390/1208101516/goody-gumball-garland-rainbow.jpg

I’m especially loving the Merry Christmas garland. Perhaps I could DIY one??$web_zoom$&wid=390&hei=390/1208291445/merry-christmas-garland.jpg

How about this cute stocking with gold glitter dots on it? Oh, and it comes in teal which is just about my favorite color in the whole wide world. Hot pink aside, of course.$web_zoom$&wid=390&hei=390/1208101635/sparkle-stocking-black.jpg$web_zoom$&wid=390&hei=390/1208101635/sparkle-stocking-black.jpg

I love their advent calendars too. They’re usually so rustic looking and I love that these are bright and fun.$web_zoom$&wid=390&hei=390/1211081055/holiday-cheer-countdown-calendar.jpg$web_zoom$&wid=390&hei=390/1208101325/st.-nick-of-time-calendar.jpg

And as far as toys go, I wish Lily would ask Santa for this modern dollhouse instead of the Dora one she keeps talking about. Ugh. When will that girl just go away? (Dora, I mean. Not Lily.)$web_zoom$&wid=390&hei=390/1210121436/modern-dollhouse-and-furniture-set.jpg

And I wish Sophia would ask for the world’s cutest raccoon instead of the loud puppy she’s begging Santa for. (God help us.)$web_zoom$&/1209211455/raccoon-mom-cotton-monster.jpg

And these dolls? How adorable! I’ll take the blonde beehive lady.$web_zoom$&wid=390&hei=390/1210021337/suzy-q-hello-doll.jpg

For those of you in the NYC area, make sure to check out the Land of Nod pop-up toy shop in Soho. It’s only open until Dec 27th so don’t hesitate. Doesn’t it look so charming?

land of nod 018

land of nod 2941

land of nod 2965

land of nod 3001

land of nod 2994

Gotta run – my cookies are done.

Stay tuned this week for more holiday decor details from my house to yours!

xmas-photo (41)


Sue at Home

All photos from Land of Nod


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