Christmas Decorations Around Our House

19 Dec

Despite not loving the colored lights that Pablo makes me endure every other year on our Christmas tree  (more on that weird tradition here), I am really happy about all the other little holiday decor details around our house.



I picked up this colorful wreath at Target and hung it on the mirror with a Command hook. More about our foyer here,  here, here and here.


One of the only things that Lily wanted for Christmas was to decorate her room so we added a tinsel garland and lights in both girls’ rooms.  (FYI: Lily also asked for jellybeans and paper hearts. How cute is that?)


I like how my old West Elm painted wooden tree looks with my new white feather tree.


My mom gave us her old advent calendar. I’m not crazy about the design but the girls love it and I don’t have to fill the pockets with any presents or candy so I’m fine with it.


Our stockings are totally forgotten since they hang by the mantel in the den (a.k.a. the Man Cave / Daddy Den).  I keep saying that I’m going to customize them and then I never get around to it. Maybe by next year?


I have a big blank wall in the dining room so I decided to hang some ribbons on it to display our holiday cards this year but it’s already full! For last year’s twig tree display, check this out.


We have a new family member this year: Eugene, the elf! He hasn’t gotten too creative and mischievous yet but the girls just love finding him each morning. He especially liked hanging out on the tinsel tree we have in the playroom. (For more info on the Elf on the Shelf tradition, check this out.)


Wonder where Eugene will be tomorrow?


Sue at Home


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  1. bedroom designs November 13, 2013 at 5:29 pm #

    amazing decortating ideas

    thanks for your efforts

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