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Top Posts of 2012

As we come to the end of 2012, let’s take a look back at my top 5 posts of the year. Now, these aren’t my top posts but yours. The ones that you, my readers, have clicked on more than anything else.


I Have a Hot Pink Chair!

a.k.a. The post where I tell you how I finally dyed a slipcover I already had, despite my debilitating fear of RIT dye, to make the hot pink chair of my dreams.

What I learned from this post making the top 5: You like hot pink as much as I do! And you like DIY projects, too.

chair 068


Lily’s Rainbow Birthday Party

a.k.a. The post where I gave all the details of Lily’s colorful 4th birthday party.

What I learned from this post making the top 5: Good kid’s parties are appealing even if you don’t have kids. Or…”rainbow party” is a very powerful search term. Yeah, it’s probably that.



Rainbow Cake: If I Can Make It You Can Too

a.k.a. The cake that’ll impress with one simple secret weapon (shhh…it’s food coloring).

What I learned from this post making the top 5: It seems like you really, really like rainbow cakes and rainbow parties but I know the truth of this post’s success. It’s the secret weapon in the pic below. Some of the top searches that brought you to Sue at Home are: Aqua Sky Kitchenaid Mixer, Kitchenaid Aqua Sky, Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Aqua Sky, Kitchenaid Aqua Sky Mixer…you get the point. Looking back at this picture, I can see how bad it is and I promise that I’ll write a nice big post all about my glorious mixer soon with lots of beautiful glamour shots! (FYI: I got mine from here.)



DIY: Lengthening our Master Bedroom Curtains

a.k.a. How a trip to the tailor (don’t-think-I’m-fancy-it’s-just-my-dry-cleaner) helped me make cheap too-short curtains into floor-to-ceiling stunners.

What I learned from this post making the top 5: I get it, you really like DIY. I promise more in the new year.

curtain pinterest


And the number one most-clicked on post was….

Pin of the Week: Dressing Up Your Stairs

a.k.a. The one where I talked about painting, carpeting, and just about anything to do with stairs.

What I learned from this post making the top 5: Who knew you were so obsessed with your stairs? The only search term that topped variations on the Kitchenaid Mixer search was “painted stairs”. I hope this post gave you lots of good inspiration. I’ve yet to do anything fun with my stairs but hopefully I’ll get on it soon.

girls on steps

So,  what can you expect from Sue at Home in 2013? I’m thinking more DIY, monthly posts about my mixer, and possibly a new feature… Stairs of the Week?


Sue at Home

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