Instagram Obsession

15 Jan

Confession: I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram. Are you following me? Let me know your account name so I can follow you.

I was very anti-Instagram at first. I even asked an Instagram-obsessed friend a few months ago if every picture really had to be so epic. I mean…what was I thinking? What I didn’t realize was that Instagram MAKES every photo epic. Some more mundane pics like this one…

photo (35)

become epic with this cropping and the Nashville filter…

photo (52)

And even a pretty cool pic (sometimes I’m floored by the quality of iPhone pics) like this one…

photo (54)

…can get even cooler with some cropping and a filter.

photo (51)

Seriously, it is really fun. I follow a bunch of decorators who preview the stuff they’re working on like this bedroom from Heather Roberts of Ivy and Vine (Instagram account: ivyandvine).

I also love to follow a lot of celebs. Like Jimmy Fallon, seen reading here with Chris Martin…


…and Eliza Coupe from Happy Endings (who always posts behind the scenes pics from the show).

eliza coupe

I also follow some of my favorite bloggers like Erin Gates of Elements of Style who preview upcoming projects or just post cool pics like this one:

…and Emily Henderson who recently previewed her new office.

Decorator and stylist Eddie Ross is fun to follow too. He always posts his antique finds and lots of pretty tablescapes.

And I’ll leave you with some favorite recent pics of Lily. Miss Thing has so much attitude and so many moods that she makes for quite the Instagram subject. See for yourself:

Are you obsessed with Instagram too? Who are you following? Check out my feed at sueerneta.


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