New Business Cards from Minted

17 Jan

I’m heading off to the New York International Gift Show in less than two weeks so I figured it was time to restock my business cards. I’m so in love with the ones I got last time from Minted that I reordered the same thing with one little change. Here’s what they look like on the front:

and here’s the back:

PicMonkey Collage for biz card

In my first batch, I had this collage on the back but I decided for something new this time. Just, ya know, to have something new.

PicMonkey Collage 3

I’m totally smitten with the amazing talent at Minted but the really cool thing about their designs is that they let independent designers submit designs to them through the Minted Design Challenge. Then readers get to vote on the designs and the winning ones are made by Minted. Love it!

Minted offers any kind of paper goodie you can think of: calendars, greeting cards, holiday cards, stickers… even art prints and party decor. And please don’t get me started on wedding invitations. I had a hard enough time deciding what I wanted back in 2002 when the choices were pretty slim! I can’t imagine what I would pick now. Maybe one of these?



I recently considered this invite for Sophia’s forthcoming Glamtastic Birthday Party (you’ll read a LOT more about that in these pages over the next couple months) but I decided to make something on my own. (Yes, it’s a Sweet 16 invitation. Yes, I was considering it for my daughter who is turning 8. But yes, I could have changed the text.)

Anyway, let’s get back to the matter at hand: business cards. There are so many cute ones to choose from at Minted but some of my favorites are the ones that are made for specific jobs. Aren’t they so sweet?


There are also lots of clean, graphic options in case you’re not a photographer, hairdresser, dog walker, nurse, mom or farmer.

Make sure that you also check out Minted’s A-DORABLE blog, Julep. (Get it? Minted? Julep? Mint Julep?) It’s got  fun DIY, party ideas, crafts and just lots of all around pretty stuff.


Anyone else headed to the Gift Show? Let me know and I’ll come and check out your booth!


Sue at Home

P.S. Full disclosure: Minted hooked me up with some business cards but I would have bought them anyway and you can ALWAYS trust that I would never tell you that I like something unless I really, really believe in it. Promise.


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