Best Cleaning Product EVER

OK…this is a little off topic but it does have something to do with my home so I guess it’s fair game. You know when you find something so awesome that you just need to sing it from the mountaintops? Well, Sue at Home is my mountaintop so here goes.

I have found the best cleaning product on the planet and I just needed to share it with you. That bucket under your sink is asking you to get: Barkeepers Friend.

Listen. I know that this stuff is available at Target  (or online here) so it’s not really underground or anything but it’s so glorious that pop stars should be singing songs about it and since they’re not, I’m going to sing it’s praises myself.

I had heard about it for awhile but I had never tried it. So when a friend mentioned it recently, I finally had to go pick up a bottle a can a round-paper-container-thingy-kinda-like-the-one-that-Comet-comes-in. I started with the baked-on water stains on my glasstop stove. It went right through them and made it look like new. Once we discovered it’s magical qualities, Pablo helped me find every tough-to-clean surface in the house — like the counter stains that had stumped us until now.  Not only did it take off the tea stains that NOTHING had touched, it also took out the teeny tiny hot pink splatters from this dying project. Note: When I say I tried everything on that tea stain, I mean it. I tried bleach, hairspray, nailpolish remover, Oxy Clean, baking soda and even mayonnaise. Nothing worked. Until now. (This is where you picture me dancing a little jig of joy!)

I need to note that it did leave a bit of a dullness on the areas that I scrubbed but since our countertop is a piece of shit, I’m okay with it. (I’d rather have dullness that a huge tea ring.)

I also had a big oval of discoloration from a mango that was on the counter (don’t ask me how these things happen) but Barkeepers Friend kicked that stain’s ass, too. Here’s the before and after:


So, get thee to thy Target and pick up a can. Then you can do the little jig of joy yourself.


Sue at Home

2 thoughts on “Best Cleaning Product EVER”

  1. I recently discovered magic eraser for the BATHROOM. I know I know. It’s been around for ages. No siree. Hard water on the bottom of my glass shower doors that I squeegee after every shower but it still shows up anyway….GONE. I’ve tried everything. Glad u found a keeper!

    1. Thanks for the tip Cheryl! I use it on marks on the walls but I never thought of trying it for the bathroom. Isn’t it soooooo fulfilling when you finally see a stain coming off that has plagued you for so long?

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