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Thrift Shop Recap

I would love to say that this is the post where I reveal the amaaaazing transformation that I completed to the busted up quartet of thrift store chairs I picked up last weekend but it’s been a hell of a week (hubs on a business trip, kid with a fever, insane week at work). Plus like I mentioned when I showed them to you, I’m going to need some semi-mild weather to go outside and sand and spray paint these babies.


You’ll recall that this was all part of Young House Love’s 100% totally unofficial Macklemore Thift Shop Challenge inspired by the song Thrift Shop (that I now CAN NOT get out of my head – and that’s a good thing). Well, today is the linky linky day where you should go back to Young House Love and check out all the good finds that everyone thrifted (it should be up soon). Did anyone score anything better than 4 chairs for 20 bucks? I think not. (Actually, probably yeah. I mean. Look at those chairs!)

So stay tuned to watch the transformation to see how this all plays out.


thrft-store-challenge-chairs-2PLUS TABLE

thrift-store-challenge-016PLUS SPRAY PAINT SHOULD EQUAL SOMETHING LIKE THIS (from Apartment Therapy)


Sue at Home

P.S. Oh by the way, I met Sherry and John Petersik of Young House Love yesterday! Like as in they came to my office and talked to me about Ladies’ Home Journal stuff. (I know. I can’t believe it either.) Since it was work related, I don’t feel like I should give all the details here but I can tell you that they were as kind and real in person as they seem on their blog.

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