Our Trip to Aruba

5 Mar

There’s no way to say this without it sounding like a humble brag (or even just a flat out brag) so here goes nothing: I’ve been going to Aruba every year for almost 20 years. Yup – that’s fine. Go ahead and hate me.

My parents have a time-share on the island and they are kind enough to open their doors to us. They invited me back when I was in college (I brought a friend) and then into the years when I started dating Pablo (they invited him and he thanked them by proposing to me on the beach) and both of my girls have been there every year since they were born. I know that I am very lucky and believe me when I say I am thankful beyond words to have this beautiful place to share with my family.

For anyone who has never been to Aruba, I always describe it like this: If you’re looking for an ultra-chic St. Barths-type vacation where you’ll be bumping into Beyonce and Jay Z then look somewhere else. But if you want a relaxing place with powdery white sand, clear blue water, and a constant breeze that makes the dry heat really comfortable, then Aruba is perfect. (Plus it’s a desert climate so it rarely rains. I think in almost 20 years of going there, I’ve had maybe two days ruined by rain.) I really can’t say enough good things about Aruba. Just go and you’ll understand.

Here are some pics from our recent trip.


















After all these years, I’ve got my favorite Aruba restaurants narrowed down to a select few. I’m working on a post about them so stayed tuned!


Sue at Home


4 Responses to “Our Trip to Aruba”

  1. Kelley Schultz March 6, 2013 at 7:47 am #

    Love your Aruba post…I must get there some day!

  2. Katherine March 6, 2013 at 9:16 am #

    We love Aruba tooooo!!! I had my honeymoon there. It is paradise and the people are amazing!!!! Anxiously waiting for your list of places to eat!!! Love your pics and thank you so much for sharing!!


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