Show and Tell

8 Mar

It’s time for my weekly update. After much deliberation last week, I’ve decided to call it Show and Tell (at the suggestion of my great friend Tracy who is smart, sweet and also very creative.) Sounds like a pretty descriptive headline, right?

Sorry for the small amount of posts this week. I’ve been pretty busy at work and I just haven’t had time to bang them out. I’ve been working all week on a living room post (finally, the whole thing with resources and everything!) so I promise that is coming soon.

I’ve also been working on getting everything ready for Sophia’s party. We spent last weekend doing lots of crafts for the big event. Sophia glued gems to the top of little wooden boxes and I made tags that match the DIY PicMonkey invitation. There will be a big bday recap soon with better pics but here’s a preview.

show and tell photo (59)

Wait until you see what’s inside the boxes!

show and tell photo (65)

And I started the decorations for the cake. More pics coming after the party!

This will go down in history as the week that I turned my 4-year-old’s room into the red light district. I didn’t mean to. I swear! But it happened. And she loves it. More details soon.

photo (63)

I had a really busy week at work and I had to speak in front of a bunch of co-workers and our whole ad staff which is pretty much my last favorite thing to do…ever. But miraculously, I was more relaxed up at the podium then I have ever been before. I wrote my speech out in full paragraphs instead of bullet points and it made all the difference. I highly recommend this tactic if public speaking is not your forte either. Does anyone really like it?

Isn’t it just a little coincidental that the Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-Day prompt for my speech day was FEAR?

Lucky me, most of the people involved in the meeting were invited to a nice dinner at Tribeca Grill. Yum!

I saw this glossy farmhouse table at the Rachel Roy showroom and it got me thinking about refinishing our table like that. Granted, I just refinished ours last year but I loved the glossy solid top as opposed to mine with all the little grooves that like to be gathering places for crumbs and other grody stuff. (The white lines on the table are just reflections from the lights.) What do you think?

photo (64)

We were thrilled to wake up to some light fluffy snow today. Though it was wet and messy, it made for such a pretty morning. Of course, I forced the girls to stop on the way into Sophia’s school to snap this picture.

photo (62)

Lily and I headed back to Sophia’s class later in the day to visit in honor of her birthday. They don’t allow cupcakes or any other kind of treat but they let parents come in to do a craft or read a book or something like that.  Some people think it’s ridiculous but I have to agree with that rule. I mean, I’m having half her class over to our house tomorrow and I’m baking them a kick ass cake. Why do they need more baked goodies in school? She loved having us in class to read 3 Erneta-family favorites: Chowder, A Girl and Her Gator, and Birdie’s Big Girl Shoes. And I couldn’t resist taking a picture of all the kids with their teacher. Aren’t they adorable?

photo (61)

And in weird web news, I just realized that I’ve some reached over 1000 followers on Pinterest. Not sure how that happened but I have been noticing that I get at least 5 new followers per day on my most popular board ME LIKEY…home stuff. It’s the place I put most of the interior pics I like and it kinda makes me drool. Are you following all my boards? Check it out here:  @sueerneta.


Wish me luck with Sophia’s birthday weekend!


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