Show and Tell 3/16

16 Mar

There were just a couple big happenings at our house this week but they sure were doozies!

Sophia turned 8 and we celebrated with a Glamtastic party at home. It was so epic that I’ll be sharing 4 (that’s right…FOUR!) posts about it next week. The girls had a blast!


Then on Thursday–just to make sure our emotions took a roller coaster ride this week–Lily had surgery to repair an umbilical hernia. Here she is all ready for her surgery. The awesome folks at Morristown Medical Center made sure her little friends got bracelets, too.

photo (66)

It’s a very simple procedure (Sophia had it when she was Lily’s age) and Lily was very brave but it is never a good day when you need to watch your baby being put under. (I do not recommend it!) How cute is this little trooper?

photo (67)

She is totally fine and recuperating and demanding snacks 24/7 once again. In fact, she’s feeling so good that she made this AMAZING video this morning with her LeapPad. I’m sharing it here only for my most devoted readers (ie: family). It’s sideways and it’s 5 minutes long so watching it is quite a commitment but it’s pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. A couple treats you’ll get if you decide to watch it:

– Lily waxing poetic post-surgery: “I’m going to move on with myself”

– The use of ridiculous made-up words like “intructive”, “productious”, “rolution”, and my personal favorite “mabuately”.

– A speedy (and sometimes vomit-inducing) house tour which includes:

1. Pablo sleeping in bed when she shows “my father’s room”. (Not sure why it’s just his!)

2. Me on the couch in my jammies and glasses with my laptop on my lap. (Is this what I look like all the time? Scary!)

3. A tour of Sophia’s room which is introduced like this, “I really want to show you my sister’s room. I would probably think that she’s a little bit too mabuately but she’s a little fashion.”

4. A peek at the messy playroom which is “the most playest room in the world” before the video cuts off. (Apparently, 5 minutes is the max on LeapPad videos.)

5. A view of the kitchen with a missing cabinet door. Another day. Another project.

6. Proof that she has the home blogger gene with the quotes, “I know what makes my house pretty.” and “I think you would want to meet my looks. The looks of my house looks like this.”

Without further adieu, here’s Lily. (And as you can see, she’s feeling fine so don’t worry about her!)

Tomorrow, I’m off to LA for a shoot for work so I’m sure I’ll some more good stories next week. (Like this one: You will not believe what “celeb’s” neighborhood I’m sleeping in on Monday night. Please note that there are quotes around “celeb”!)

See you next week!


Sue at Home


2 Responses to “Show and Tell 3/16”

  1. Jennifer Wright Owen March 17, 2013 at 12:24 pm #

    1. Auntie needs a Dramamine after watching that.
    2. That was AWESOME (despite the nausea-inducing camera work)!
    3. Lily is a great kid and whose to say “mabuately” won’t make it into Webster’s Dictionary someday.

  2. designbydebbie March 25, 2013 at 8:53 pm #

    That was awesome!!! Dylan and I were giggling the whole time. His favorite part was seeing the playroom. But he also liked seeing Pablo and you!

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