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Edible Glitter Birthday Cake

This is the last post in the Glamtastic Birthday Party series. (Booo!) You got see the invitation, check out the details of the whole party, see a how-to about Sophia’s custom favors, and you even had a peek into the DIY photo booth. And now…the cake!

The inspiration came from this post on P.S. I Made This:

I couldn’t find the exact mold she used but I got one that was pretty similar. My visit to NY Cake to pick it up resulted in finding silver, blue, and pink Disco Dust, too!

My first attempt was a total bust but you know I’m going to show you that version, too. As long as you don’t make my dumb mistakes, it’s pretty simple to do. First, just use a new, dry paintbrush and “paint” the edible glitter into the silicone mold.


If you’ve ever tried to wash and dry anything silicone, you won’t be surprised to see how the disco dust just sticks to the sides.

birthday-cake-103Next, I melted the chocolate (don’t forget to do it in a double boiler!) and scooped spoonfuls of the melted chocolate into the mold which should be sitting on a cookie sheet. Next, tap the cookie sheet to get any bubbles out and then place the whole tray in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Once cool, you can pop the chocolates right out. Now, let’s look at my failed first attempt and discuss what went wrong.


Um, no. First of all, the pink disco dust sucks. It’s just not as bright as the silver or the blue so I kicked it to the curb on round two. Second, milk chocolate is yummier than white but alas, it looked all mucky and brown so I switched to white. Third, remember how I said you have to tap it to get the bubbles out? Well, I’m glad you remembered because I didn’t. Oops. And last, I filled the mold waaaaay too much. You only need to fill it about 3/4 full otherwise you end up with a lot of overflow and that just makes for a lumpy bottom once you take them out. And no one wants a lumpy bottom, right?

Second attempt: let’s watch and see how it goes…


Glittery success!



As for the cake, I went with a simple tiered design and I placed the chocolates around each layer. I was originally going to make the bottom two layers with 2 cakes each but I decided against it when I saw how big it was getting already. The cake itself was from a box (no apologies–cake from a box is easy and delicious) but my frosting is homemade buttercream. I just use the recipe on the side of the Domino powdered sugar box. (Ain’t broken. No fixing needed.) Someday I’ll take the time to do a crumb coat on my cakes since the crumbs on this one drove me crazy. And it kinda bugs me that the chocolates are a little too big for the cake. But overall, I think it came of great. And I totally lucked out that the #8 candle at Target just happened to be glittery blue!


I always get myself in such a tizzy making sure every last detail is perfect for my girls’ birthday parties but when I see the beaming smile on their faces when their friends are singing Happy Birthday to them, it’s all worth it.

birthday-cake-281Happy Birthday Sophia!

Now, onto the next: Pablo turns 40 in May and Lily turns 5 in June. It’s going to be a very busy spring!


Sue at Home

3 thoughts on “Edible Glitter Birthday Cake”

  1. For future reference, disco dust is plastic craft glitter. It’s not to be eaten. It’s only OK for decorations that will be removed and discarded.

    To keep something edible, the glitter needs to be edible–made from gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin.

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