Mad Men, Season 6

I know we’re still more than a week and a half away from season six of the best show on television  but I couldn’t wait to share these amazing publicist shots from Mad Men that I just stumbled upon. I’m just sharing a few of my favorite characters (keep walking, Betty!)  but you can see all of the images on AMC and even more at IMDB. Aren’t you just giddy with anticipation, Don?

Some love to hate her but I just love her. She had me at Zou Bisou Bisou. (And the clothes!)

He makes my skin crawl but I still can’t get enough of Pete Campbell.

Sure, she’s a brat. What do you expect? She was trained by the very best!

The styling on this picture makes me crazy. Every detail, from the cut of the pants to the fit of the tops and jackets, is spot-on for each character.

Peggy gets the last laugh. (Shut up, Betty.)

Roger Sterling is always cool as a cucumber.

Despite her new job, these images are giving me hope that we’ll still be seeing a lot of Peggy.

Set your DVR for Sunday, April 7th at 9 pm for the 2 hour season premier of Mad Men on AMC. If you need a refresher of where we left off in season 5, watch this video.

All images via AMC.


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