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A Name Plaque for Lily or How My 4 Year Old Taught Me a Lesson


After our trip to Aruba this past February, Lily and I brought back a few pieces of coral from the beach so we could make a custom sign for her room. Luckily for Lily, it’s pretty easy to find pieces of coral that look like L, i, l and y.


All we needed was a simple board that I picked up at Michael’s, some craft paint I had on hand, and some heavy duty glue.


Lily picked a pretty sea-colored blue to paint the base. I’ll admit: I was twitching watching her paint it. I know the point of it was for her to do something fun and creative but the perfectionist in me was having a hard time watching the bristles of the brush bend backward.


After painting the board, I pulled out the Gorilla Glue — the master of all glues. I was ready to take over for this step because that glue is no joke and I was sure that Lily would glue her hand to her face if I let her do it. (What is wrong with me that I can’t trust her to do anything on her own?)


The packaging on the glue warns that it expands but…it just kept on expanding. And expanding. And expanding…


…until the glue that I put behind the Y gooped out so much the shape of the letter was almost unrecognizable. I mean, sure, it looks a little like that frothy, foamy stuff when a wave crashes on the sand so it’s kinda still close to the theme but it’s not quite what I was imagining. (Notice that Lily’s paint job is perfect and it’s my gluing job that totally sucks.)


I was so mad at myself for screwing it up. Immediately, I started planning a way to fix the project. I figured I could slice the coral off the board with an exacto knife (or even a saw!) and then we could try again on the other side. But when Lily came to see if it was dry, she was thrilled with it. I apologized for putting too much glue on it but — get this! — she thought it looked great.


In my demented mind, I wanted it to come out just as I had pictured it but to her, it was a just a cool project she made with her mom. And that made it perfect. (No matter how much glue was oozing out!)

So…into her room it went. Her “perfect” custom-made “Lily” sign made with coral that we found on the beach in Aruba.


And I must admit…it looks absolutely perfect.



Sue at Home

P.S. Read more about Lily’s room here and here.

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