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Quadrille Fabrics

I’m sure I’m not alone in the way that I reacted to the stunning Maine summer home of John Fondas and John Knott in this month’s issue of House Beautiful. Sure, the furnishings are mostly traditional but this house is no snoozefest. And it’s all thanks to the breathtaking wallpaper and fabrics from Knott’s firm, Quadrille. (All photos via House Beautiful.)

I’ll admit, I’m not very well versed on interior textiles but as I did a little research clicking through Quadrille’s website, I saw many an “old friend”: rooms that I had torn out of magazines and pinned for years. I just kept saying to myself, “That’s a Quadrille fabric?” and “Oh! That one, too?”. There are loads of options, all in beautiful colorways. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites.

(All photos via Quadrille.)

From CT Cottages, Kazak (on the sofa)

From Elle Decor, Palampore Stripe

From House Beautiful, Suzani (on the headboard)

From Better Home and Gardens, Veneto (on the bench)

From Traditional Home, Paradise Background

From Architectural Digest, Paradise Garden

From Traditional Home, Alan Campbell Zig Zag (on the chair)

By interior designer Eddie LeeChina Seas Fiorentina (wallcovering)

Tory Burch’s home in ELLE, China Seas Arbre de Matisse Reverse

(Oh…Hi Maggie!)

From House Beautiful, China Seas Charade (on the bench)

From At Home, China Seas Birds

The website doesn’t show any examples of this beauty in action but wouldn’t it be divine on a chair? Or sofa? Or headboard? Or anything?

China Seas Zizi Leopard

Alas, these beauties are to the trade only. Contact your local interior designer for assistance. (And your sugar daddy!)


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