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Playroom remodel – Phase Two

When you saw our playroom last, it had gone from a messy unorganized space to a more organized — yet still lacking in any style — kind of room. (Read all about phase one here.)

playroom remodel collage

There are so many big problems with this space — fluorescent lighting, wood paneling — but for phase two of the makeover, I’m taking a little baby step towards improvement. Notice in the pic above that there was a big mess on the wall above the original spot that the loveseat was in?  I had attached two bulletin boards to the wall and they were filled with art on top of art on top of art. This was a functioning nightmare. Not too pretty.

Now with the two bookshelves down, I had more wall space to play around with so I picked up a couple Dignitet cable systems from Ikea and got to work hanging them up.

playroom- 054

playroom- 064

Once I had the cables installed, I picked some of the girls classic works of art to hang (using Riktig clips).  I chose some school projects, like Lily’s snowman, and some that they’ve created on their own time, like Sophia’s “Fashion Queen”. Please note the stars for eyes.

playroom - 063

And of course I had to include one of my favorites: a portrait of Lily, made by Sophia out of Fruit Loops. Don’t you recognize her there on the left? Pink smile, blue eyes, blonde curls?

playroom - 060

Maybe this will help…

lily CollageSee?

This room is funny. I can spend time on improving it but it always comes back to the horrible walls. I’m putting off painting them because…well, I’ve had bigger fish to fry in this house. But no matter what I do to fix this space, it’s still got the horrible walls, the horrible lighting, and the horrible ceiling. So, we’ll see. Maybe I’ll finally get my paint can out and cover them up. What do you think?

playroom- 049

But somehow, I just can’t hate a room with this in it.

playroom - 077


Sue at Home

P.S. By the way, if you come for a visit get ready to play Barbie Ball. It’s a game that Sophia invented where we all stand back and throw a small suction cup covered ball into the Barbie house for points. Upstairs is 50 points, downstairs is 100, and the rooftop terrace or the shower in the upstairs bathroom are 200 each. Don’t under estimate the girls either. They’re pretty good. Now, if only they could get a college scholarship because of their Barbie Ball skills…

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