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S’mores Parfait

Today I’m here with a quick and easy dessert treat. Recently, I went to a showroom preview at Victoria’s Secret and they had a tray of cake-cups from Bee’s Knees Baking Co in NYC. Looks delish, right?


Photo via Bee’s Knees Baking Co.

I was struck by how great they all looked – and tasted! – so I wanted to come up with my own version. Bee’s Knees specializes in cake-cups, a layered dessert that’s like a portable cupcake but looks similar to a parfait or trifle. I’m going the parfait (sans cake) option for mine.

pinterest smores 176

This recipe couldn’t have been more simple. I started out with a box mix for chocolate mousse, a tub of Marshmallow Fluff, and a pre-made graham cracker crust.


After I made the mousse by the box’s directions, I crushed the crust to make it into a crumble. (I know I could have put graham crackers in the food processor but I figured the crust would have more of a buttery flavor. Lucky me — I was right!)

smores-128Then I was ready to start my layers.


First graham cracker crumble…


…then chocolate mousse…


…then Fluff.


I didn’t like how blobby it was going to into the cup so on the next layers, I piped the mouse in with a DIY piping bag.


Much better!


After a few layers, I added a little more graham cracker on top and they were ready to serve. (I actually covered them with plastic wrap and put them in the fridge.)



They were delish but when I make them again, I will definitely lower the amount of Fluff. (I used a whole jar in only 6 parfaits!) It was a little overly sweet but with a little less Fluff, they would be perfect.


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