Buy My (Mom and Dad’s) House!

Well, this was supposed to be the post where I told you to buy my parents  awesome house, but alas it’s been on the market for two days and they already got a full price offer so I guess it’s too late for you, suckers!

But I’m going to show it to you anyway because you never know if an offer will fall through. (Fingers crossed it all works out, though!)

My parents built their dream house when I was in college and it’s been “home” to me for so many years that sometimes I forget I didn’t grow up in it. It’s in Westborough, MA – the town I grew up in – and the town alone is reason enough to make the house desirable. Check it out.

Welcome to 17 Capt. Samuel Forbush Road.

photo (3)

My favorite part of the house is the kitchen that flows into a casual dining area (the scene of many a late night card game between me, Pablo and my parents!) and a huge light filled family room that has plenty of room for “The Erneta Invasion”.

photo (5)

I love baking at their house because the island was built especially low to accommodate my mom’s 4’11” stature. (At 5’1″, I tower over her) It’s the perfect height for stirring!

kichen mom and dad

As you can see, my mom’s decorating style is the exact opposite a little more traditional than mine, but they have done a great job of creating a timeless space that hasn’t needed too many updates in 20 years.

photo (2)

A few years ago, they converted the living room into an office for my mom. (I mean, who needs a formal living room anyway?)

photo (4)

The sunroom was a recent addition but it’s come to be one of our favorite places.

photo (6)

From having my college friends visit back in 1992 to taking my kids to the house in recent years, we’ve given that pool a lot of mileage!

photo (7)

This photo doesn’t do it justice but my parents’ master bedroom is enormous. I can’t even imagine how I would decorate a space that big.

bedroom mom and dad

This used to be my room back in college but they’ve since gotten rid of the Michael Jordan posters and the black and white checkboard bedding and turned it into a sweet room that my girls share when we visit.

twin beds mom and dadHere’s a peek at my dad’s “office”, his massive full floor of car-building-paradise. (Complete with his collection of neon beer signs!) In fact, the house actually boasts a SIX (!!) car garage, 3 above and another 3 under that you can reach by driving around the side of the house.

shop mom and dadOh…and did I mention it has an elevator? (Yeah – you know your kids would have a blast with that!)

elevator mom and dad

So, please contact my mom (she’s the homeowner and the realtor) if you’re interesting in making a backup offer. Here’s the listing so you can see all the details.

It’s with bittersweet feelings that I say goodbye to this house. It’s not the house I grew up in but it is my beloved hometown and they’ll be leaving it soon so I’m very sad that I won’t be visiting there as much. But there are greener pastures for my folks. They’re working on building a new house. Oh…and it’s going to be gooooood. There are so many details I’ve been dying to share with you but for now, I’ll just show you an aerial shot of the creepy old house that used to be on the lot.

47 groveway with arrow

And now you see why I’m not too upset to see the Westborough house go, right?

Lots more details on their new house soon!


Sue at Home

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