Fill-in Thank You Notes

I showed you Lily’s adorable luau party earlier this month but now it’s time for the part of the celebration that really sucks; the thank you notes.


Lily is only 5 so she’s at that in-between age where she’s old enough to write a few words but not old enough to handle an entire thank you note on her own. Sure, I could write them all myself but I figured it would be good practice for her if we did it together. So, in keeping with the “beachy” theme of her party, I made her a custom fill-in thank you note with the help of PicMonkey, a free website that’s super easy and fun. If you don’t have Photoshop, this is the site for you.

lily thanks 292

I just uploaded a silly picture of Lily, then added some text, a “comic bubble” which I faded so you could still see the landscape through it and some opaque white rectangles so Lily would know where to write. I left spaces for the gift givers’ name, the gift, and a nice sentiment. The last sentence simply says “You are (blank)!” so she could write “so cool”, “super awesome”, “my BFF”, or whatever else she wanted to say.

Then I printed a bunch on 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper  and let her get to work.

thanks-photo (10)

Obviously, they are all her BFFs!


She’s doing such a great job with them (notice that’s in the present tense, as in “we’re not done with them yet”).

Combined with the invitation (seen here in the frame)….


…and the goody bag tags…


…it’s almost like a legit “stationary suite”! All for the cost of printing!



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