Summertime Blog Update

11 Jul

Hi all! I just felt like I should check in with my readers and give you some updates on my life, including where the hell I’ve been for the past couple months.  (Throughout this post, you’ll get a few recent pictures taken with the awesome new lens that Pablo got me for my birthday. Thanks, honey!)


Well, it’s not that I’ve completely disappeared–I have managed to get out at least one post a week lately–but that’s definitely a lot less than I was doing for the past year. And there are two pretty good reasons why: 1) It’s summertime and 2) I don’t have time.


The summer part is more of an excuse for the lack of projects going on in the house than the lack of blogging. When it’s cold outside, I’m quite happy to spend a day spackling, painting, or just crafting. But during the summer months my weekends are reserved for family time and sipping Twisted Tea. (Surely you can’t argue with that.)


And as for the “no time” part, there’s a little more to explain. First of all, I’ve recently switched from 3 days/week at work to 4 so I’m losing a little “me time”. (And by “me time”, I mean a day to get the laundry done and get the house clean so I don’t have to do it on the weekends.) Don’t misunderstand. I’m excited to have this extra day at work because it’ll make a big difference in how I do my job. Plus the extra moolah will be welcome, too. In addition to the work changed,  I’ve finally figured out that this blog thing is probably not going to be a fruitful source of income for me. With a part time job, a long commute, and a family, I’ve had to work very hard to carve out time to write and I’m just not going to work so hard to make the time anymore. I’ll still write (god knows I have so much more to share) but I need to find a way to write quicker posts.


I’m not sure when I’ll get to them but there will be some really good posts coming soon including:

– the photo wall I’m creating in our dining room

– my tour of this awesome house

– a goodbye post to the town my parents have lived in since 1978 (they’re moving in about a month)

– a post about the amazing beach house they’re building (we finally got to see it and it’s spectacular!)

– some pics from the shoot I went on in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico (in the meantime, check out the fruits of my labor in the July/August issue of Ladies’ Home Journal on newsstands now!)

– an update on our backyard (it lost a stump, grew some grass, gained some lattice, and got a little cleaned up)

– an update on both of the girls’ rooms with some new headboards (that I plan on building soon)

– a recipe for the best cookies on the planet

– a project I did at Sophia’s school 

– the new outdoor classroom, also at Sophia’s school

– the wild animal that got into our laundry room

– why I love Weight Watchers

– and finally, I might just get around to blogging about the kitchen renovation I completed last year!

So, don’t fret if I’m not around as much as I used to be. You can still keep up with what I’m doing on Instagram and what I’m loving on Pinterest. See you soon!


Sue at Home


One Response to “Summertime Blog Update”

  1. perne22 July 15, 2013 at 12:15 am #

    What?? With that list and this new update, I’m assuming the SF apartment will not be done in time! Kidding, sad to hear you’re so easy/entertaining to read!


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