A New House for Mimi and Papa

Remember when I told you my parents were selling their house in Massachusetts and building a new one in Connecticut? And remember I promised to tell you more about the CT house? You know…it was when I shared this ridiculous Google Map shot of the location of the new house? OK. Good.
47 groveway with arrow

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get to the story. As long as I can remember, my parents have always wanted to live by the water. In fact, they used to have a Sea Ray yacht that they spent most of their summers on. Ever since they sold the boat, they’ve looked at shore properties and though they found a few different places they liked, they never took the plunge until they found this hunk o’ junk in Clinton, CT.


The first time they saw it, they couldn’t even go inside because the realtor deemed it “unsafe”. It was full of stuff – and perhaps even some vermin. And surprisingly enough, there was still someone living there.  Luckily their patience paid off and almost a year after they first learned of the property, they made an offer that was accepted.


Looking at these pictures, you might wonder why they would want this house. But check out the view from the top floor. Makes sense now, huh?


They cleared the trees, had the house knocked down (which is not that hard to do when it’s been condemned) and got some plans to move ahead with John Giannotti, a fabulous local builder. (My parents have not stopped raving about him and how wonderful his work has been. I almost wouldn’t be surprised if my parents tried to adopt him and I got a new brother. This is how deep the admiration is, people…)

As you can see, they started work in the winter.

clinton-photo (74)

This is a view from the future family room/dining room area when the doors were just framed out.

clinton-photo (73)

When they were framing the master bedroom and office back in March, that hole looked like a picture frame.


The piece de resistance–the double balconies–when they were just starting to take shape.

clinton-photo (78)

And again but this time with the pillars in place.

clinton-photo (77)

We finally got a chance to see it in person on July 4th. This is the view from the driveway. By law, they had to build on the original footprint of the house so it has a little bit of a weird entrance–the “front” door is next to the garage door and leads to a set of stairs. (But I don’t think anyone will care about it’s curb appeal when it has so much “water appeal”.)


The girls (still in their jammies and messy hair from an early morning car ride) checking out the view. Obviously that fence will be replaced asap.


Here’s what the water side looked like over July 4th weekend.


Even on a cloudy day, the view from the master balcony is spectacular. (And we get to peer into the neighbor’s pretty house!)


This is one of the guest rooms with lots of pretty recycled hardwood ready to go down.


The family room area with the fireplace all sheetrocked. (Is that a word? Sheetrocked? Well, it is now.)

clinton-photo (75)

And magically, a few weeks later, the same room now has a beautiful ceiling. (This is the view from the fireplace looking over to the dining/kitchen area.)


More magic: The floors are in!

clinton-photo (71)

There’s John, the super builder, hard at work. As my mom says, “He’s a very hands on guy.”

clinton house -photo (72)

And a closer look at those kitchen cabinets.

clinton-house - photo (73)

People keep asking me if there’s beach access and I don’t really know how to answer. This is a look down at the water during high tide and there was a little sliver of sand down there though I don’t think we’d go in right here. (There’s a local beach just a few minutes walk away.)


See? That’s the little slice of private beach.


Pablo took this picture of me, my parents, and the girls when we visited on July 4th. I keep telling them that I hope they’re ok with me hanging out on the master bedroom balcony all the time. It’s just spectacular up there!


That little island off to the right is Duck Island. They just sent me pictures of sailboats going around it yesterday.

clinton house photo (74)

I can’t believe they’ll be moving in a couple of weeks! I’ll be sure to take more pictures and share them when it’s all done.

And as for decorating, they are moving quite a bit of furniture from the Massachusetts house to this one but there will some brand new pieces going into the family/dining room. My mom has been bouncing ideas off of me for months now (I even created a Beach House Pinterest board to save my ideas) so it’ll be fun to see how it all comes together. More info soon!

And now…for the obligatory picture of Lily posing like a diva! (I mean…how could I not include this one?)

clinton house--035


Sue at Home

4 thoughts on “A New House for Mimi and Papa”

  1. Sue the house is coming out beautiful I wish them to enjoy it I’m sure they will, live by the water is beautiful ,relaxing and the best feeling when you see the view in the morning.I live by the water from 1984,in Nassau Shores in Massapequa,until 1998 that my sons get older and moving out ,They love the water,and in the year 2000 we move to the American Venice in Lindenhurst, to an small house,but by the water it is not exclusive area like Massapequa ,but the Canal is beautiful..I wish to your parents the best in that beautiful house,and sure you ,Pablo and the girls going to love it as well ..GOOD LUCK..LOVE YOU MAGGY

  2. Sue, thanks for the pictures of your parent’s new house. It looks wonderful. I asked your Mom if she would have rocking chairs on the deck. How perfect will that be? I love your website, the girls’ rooms looks so cute. I hope to see you and your family when I come to visit your Mom, which because of the building delay, probably won’t be until next summer. Say hi to Pablo for me and give the girls a hug from me. Aunt Sharon

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