Easton PA: Crayola Experience and Maxim’s 22

9 Sep

This past summer on the way to Hershey Park (more on that coming soon), we took a little detour to Easton, Pennsylvania, the home of Crayola Experience. Thankfully the girls were both wearing Highlighter Yellow so that fit right with this colorful place!


The museum was crazy packed so we didn’t get to do all the attractions but we did check out the Doodle in the Dark room which the girls loved.


My favorite part was the Crayon Factory show where we got to see how crayons are made. (I have a strange obsession with factories!) The girls also got to design their own crayon wrappers with their names on them in Wrap It Up. Here’s Lily making hers.


The store was truly spectacular. Just think–every Crayola product you can dream of in one place! We filled a tin with markers and crayons in some of these rare colors. easton-057

I had to instagram a peek into the checkout counter.


After the Crayola Factory, we grabbed lunch at an amazing French bistro right around the corner. We were so thrilled to stumble on such an amazing place, I’ve just got to share it with you! Meet Maxim’s 22.


They had these cute tables outside where we started eating until some bees chased us inside.

The menu was classic French. And check out the KIDS MENU! I mean, have you ever see a restaurant that offers Confit Duck Leg with Haricots Verts to kids? Plus…it was delish. The Croque Madame brought back memories of Cafe de Fleur.


Once the bees scared us out of our outdoor table, the staff swiftly moved us inside where we got to admire these amazing light fixtures. I have never seen anything like them!

lights in maximes

I love the globes over the bar too.

And I’m having a serious obsession with a super simple table setting like this lately. I mean, what else do you need?


Across from the restaurant is this refurbished old building. It made me want to visit Easton again to discover lots of other pretty architecture. easton-080

Like this tall beauty…


Hershey Park pics coming next! (And yes, there will be chocolate.)


Sue at Home


4 Responses to “Easton PA: Crayola Experience and Maxim’s 22”

  1. Kathy September 9, 2013 at 10:56 pm #

    we love crayola factory and yes we have eaten at most of the local restaurants and Maxims is great!! Loving how much fun you had!! thanks for sharing….a hidden treasure that is so nice to experience.

  2. Maggy Tamargo September 12, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

    I was in the crayola factory,with my little grandson many years ago, that by the way i believe that was in reading pa.i love all the pics and i glad that yours daughters have a great time..

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