Travel: Hershey, PA

18 Sep

Earlier this summer, we took a roadtrip to Hershey, Pennsylvania. We knew we were getting close to our hotel, the Hershey Lodge, when the GPS said we were on Chocolate Avenue where the streetlights are shaped like Hershey’s Kisses!hershey-292

We arrived at the hotel and were greeted by Reese, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup guy. (I was kinda starstruck. He’s my favorite.)


The girls loved signing in at the Kids’ Check In Desk and receiving Hershey Lodge badges that they wore around their necks all weekend.




The next morning. we took off for the park.




I didn’t get to take many pictures at the park because we were in the waterpark section and my camera was in a locker all day (words can not describe how much this made we twitch) but I did manage to get this picture of Pablo and Sophia in the wave pool. It was packed!


We loved the hotel and it was especially fun seeing it through the kids’ eyes. They were so thrilled with the things we take for granted; like the mini fridge, the pad of paper by the phone, and the plastic cups in the bathroom with the name of the hotel.

We took advantage of lots of hotel activities like the indoor and outdoor pool, the free minigolf, and bingo. (This was the loot the girls took back after winning. Lily won the grand prize: Reese himself!)


But my favorite activity was roasting marshmallows for s’mores. It just happened to be National S’mores Day when we were there!





The sunset was beautiful on the front lawn of the hotel and the girls took that as an opportunity to throw their stuffed animals in the air. (Can you really call them “animals” when they’re really “stuffed candies”?)


Obviously, we needed to buy Sophia a Kiss doll. (Somehow Lily winning that Reese cost me money!)


The next day we went to Chocolate World.


After the 4D movie, the girls played factory workers and packaged some kisses.


Then we went on the Chocolate Tour Ride which was a really well done ride (think Disney) where we got to see how chocolate is made. But the best part of all was the Make Your Candy Bar Attraction. First we had to get dressed in these totally-unnecessary-but-very-cute-and-silly hairnets and aprons.


We got to pick what we wanted in our chocolate bars at a kiosk (I picked milk chocolate with toffee bits and pretzels) and then watched them being made. As our bars traveled down the conveyor belt, the little chutes dropped down the ingredients we asked for before covering the top with chocolate. While they cooled, we got to design our wrappers. But the best part was eating them!


This post was not sponsored on Sue at Home but we did get to test out a Ford Escape as part of my day job so I want to say thanks to Ford for the awesome trip!

ford escape


Sue at Home


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