Black Window Trim

18 Nov

Are you ready to see my den go through a pretty update? Good. Me too. Reminder: we had a pretty new Suzani-covered ottoman, some painted thrift store dining chairs and a new credenza.


But the windows? Not so pretty.


I had considered some kind of window treatment and I never knew what to do so I hit Pinterest for some inspiration. All I needed was to search for “sunroom” to figure it out.

via Pinterest (anyone know the actual source?)

black window trim 1

via Spanish ELLE Decor black trim elle dec

That’s right, folks. We’re painting our gross dirty-looking white-washed window trim black. First, we started out by removing the screens and the crossbars and giving the windows a good scrub from the inside and outside. (I highly recommend an indoor assistant when you’re windexing outside!)


(Gratuitous photo of Pablo’s guns.)


I knew the cleaning would help but it was surprised by what a huge difference it made to take off the screen and crossbars so we immediately made a decision to keep the crossbars off after we were done. (The screens will stay off til next spring.) Before we get into the painting, I just wanted to review my favorite painting tools: HANDy Paint Pail with liners, and the Shortcut paintbrush. Just get ’em and thank me later.


When I got home, I removed all of the window locks and taped off the cranks. The table in my den looked like this hot mess.


And my grody white-washed windows looked like this.


Next, I pulled the moulding around the windows off  which left this pretty sight.


After a  thorough cleaning I was ready to paint. Even just the primer was a very welcome fix!

black collage

In fact, I seriously considered just skipping the black and leaving it all crisp and white. (Doesn’t primer look great sometimes?)


But I stayed on task and started to add my black paint.


Another coat and I was ready to put the mouldings and locks back on. Ta da! I love the big impact it makes. What do you think?


I also popped up to the attic and found an unused Jamie Young lamp that we’ve had for years. (I picked up the shade at Target on clearance for $11.) Pablo loves it and I think it really completes the room.



And since we’re talking about the den, I thought I’d give you a little bit of an update on the TV placement. I had told you back in this post that it was going to be mounted on the wall above the piano or over the credenza but I pointed out that the wiring would make the credenza option tough. A few of you recommended switching the piano and credenza and though we had ruled that out for various reasons, we decided to give it a try one last time.  Try to visualize this TV on the wall instead of just sitting on the credenza. What do you think? I feel like the credenza looks a little wimpy in that space.


And I’m not crazy about the piano under that opening either.


But the bigger problem with this switch is the piano is a lot deeper than the credenza and it kinda wrecks the pass-through to the deck. Here’s a shot with the credenza in place and keep in mind that the piano is about 10 inches deeper so it really juts out into the room. So that rules out moving the piano over there.


But how about hanging the TV above the credenza? Hmmm…that’s not so great either. If we hang the TV there, you’ll see the side of the hanging mechanism and arm when you walk into the room. Not pretty.


So, we’re back to the drawing board with the TV. The plan is to hang it above the piano. If it’s there, we can see the TV without making it the focal point of the room. It’s not perfect, I know, but it’ll function. And I’m busy planning a gallery wall above the credenza. Hey, maybe I’ll actually tackle that mantle soon, too!

Just to keep it real folks, here’s what the room looked the other night while the girls zoned out to the TV and Pablo played the piano. I know I’ve got a great looking family but can we discuss that gorgeous black trim on the windows?


Sue at Home


5 Responses to “Black Window Trim”

  1. Maggy Tamargo November 18, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

    beautiful Sue, I love it.

  2. Julie Gartell November 18, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

    how did i miss the black trim?? you could not have done that yesterday – although maybe you did! i vote for: 1) keep piano where it is in pic 2) keep credenza under kitchen opening where it is in pic 3) mount TV left of kitchen opening, on an arm. you can swing it out when you want it to face the couch and push it back in later. keeping piano free of electronics. :)

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  3. Jennifer Sciera November 19, 2013 at 8:45 am #

    How about painting the mantle black?

  4. Sarah October 16, 2015 at 1:44 am #

    2015 input: Hi, You should really have fun with that fireplace – BECAUSE it’s the focal point that needs to tie in those windows. Spray paint the gold trim black. Paint the mantelpiece black and put a couple big black and white urns – DEFINITELY WITH GREENERY (the room needs it) and find some black and white photography and mirrors to hang behind. To tone down the wood beside windows, put WHITE (maybe trimmed with black) panels OFF the windows to dress up the look without taking away the trim of the windows. Not enough for drawing, cause that’s not necessary. Wow, those windows came out so pretty. By the way if you really want to be daring, paint the brick white – but that’s too big of a leap. I think it’s best to do all that other stuff, and then see if you like it.


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