Valentine’s from PicMonkey

10 Feb

I had every intention of doing something super creative with the kids for their school valentine’s but as we all know: Researching on Pinterest does not a valentine make. So there I was at Target on Sunday night, grabbing a few bags of Hershey Kisses and some clear goody bags to make a little somethin somethin.

val photo (92)

All I needed was the valentine itself. I’ve used PicMonkey to make party invitations before (see Soph’s here and Lily’s here) so I figured I’d let the girls design their own valentine’s with the help of the monkey.  (Before you start thinking this is a sponsored post, I’ll stop you right there. Nope. I just really, really like PicMonkey!)


Sophia came up with this turquoise and lavendar heart card that includes a peace sign, a smiley face and a little heart, obvs. (Note, we left a little space on each one for them to write their friends names in.)

Soph val day

I tried to get controlling with Lily’s (as I like to do) and I designed this one on my own but she wasn’t having it. (I thought it was cute, no?)


So, she got to work on her own!

val lily

And I think it came out much more “Lily”. (Case in point: that butterfly icon over her head.)

lily val final 649

Next I printed sheets of them on some cardstock.

lil sheet 2

And here’s the finished “Lily original”.

val fsvor 2

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Sue at Home

If you’ve never tried PicMonkey, check out their blog for lots of great ideas.


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