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Sophia’s Tween Room Update

16 Mar

I know I’ve been missing in action for more than a few months but rather than discuss all the very boring reasons I haven’t been around (like less projects happening and less time to report on the few I have been doing), let’s just get to it, okay?

Sophia recently turned 10 (how did THAT happen??) and her big gift for her birthday was a bedroom update. She got a new headboard, bedding, a recycled rug (we got a new one for the living room and moved the old living room rug into her room), plus a full closet makeover. I also made a no-cost bulletin board for her with some old stuff we had around the house. Let’s see how it came out:

sophs room 034 sophs room 038sophs room 043

Her new white velvet headboard is from Amazon, the chevron shams and white studded pillow are PB Teen, the pillow cases (and matching sheets) and the turquoise pillow are from Target, and the pink cashmere one is an old one we had from Ann Taylor. The furry blanket on the end of the bed was a cheap Marshalls find.

sophs room 071

Sophia also recently made some washi tape updates: some stripes on her nightstand, a “framed” jewelry display and some decorations on her lightswitch.

sophs room 058 sophs room 059

sophs room 061 sophs room 062

Her curtains and her corner shelf are the same.

sophs room 086sophs room 083I can’t remember if she had the turquoise marquee heart when I last shard her room. It’s from Target but I don’t think they carry it anymore. Sorry! You can find a similar one here.

sophs room 093

She wanted a bulletin board so I took an old one I had in the attic and spray painted the frame gold. Then I covered the cork with some old wallpaper that I’ve had in the attic for years. (See? Hording craft supplies does pay off!)

sophs room 112

sophs room 133

I love that she put up a mix of photos, some pages from the Crewcuts catalog, and pictures of her favorite stars (like Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor) that she cut out of M magazine. (I love that my little big girl loves magazines as much as I do!)

sophs room 122

Her desk/vanity looks pretty much the same. I think it’s her favorite thing in her room!

sophs room 104sophs room 145sophs room 109

But her closet is totally new! I’m hoping to write a post with all the details of the makeover soon.

sophs room 154

sophs room 155 sophs room 160 sophs room 167

I love how the rug pulls the room together.

sophs room 148 sophs room 149

It’s been a gradual evolution over the last four years but hopefully it’ll stay like this for awhile.  (Knowing Sophia, it won’t. I wonder where she gets that need to make changes all the time?)

Here are all the other posts I’ve written about her room if you want to see the changes.

A New Old Desk by “Sophia at Home” (the one where Sophia remodels a deks for her room)

Sophia’s Room Update (the one where she gets a new mattress and we rearange the layout)

House Tour: Sophia’s Room Part Two (the one with all the resources)

House Tour: Sophia’s Room Part One (the one with the inspiration pictures and ideas)

I’ll be back soon with all the details about her closet remodel. (You will not believe the before and afters!)

In the meantime, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @sue_erneta for the day-to-day updates!


Sue at Home

A Giveaway and Holiday Cards with Minted

19 Nov

That’s right, people. You heard it here first. I’ve decided to go rogue and try a different company for my Christmas cards this year. The winner is Minted! Let’s look at the 6 reasons I’m making the switch.

#1 Minted makes my super cool business cards and I love them. 

minted biz card

How cute is it that my biz cards are totally personal on the back, too?

PicMonkey Collage for biz card

#2 Great designs with lots of options

They offer over 1000 holiday designs in all. Plus the option to change the design based on your holiday needs.  For example, this design (one of my favorites called Etched) can be changed from Happy Holidays…

etched holiday

…to Merry Christmas…

etched chrsitmas

…or even Happy New Year.etched happy

#3 Super Searching Tool

Before you start having heart palpitations thinking about how you’ll never be able to pick just one, fret not! Because Minted offers one of the coolest holiday card search tools I’ve ever seen: Find It Fast.

fins it fast 1

Simply upload a photo you’re considering and Find It Fast drops it into all of the designs. It’s a quick and simple way to see which ones are going to work and which ones to skip over (I’m talking to you Little Joy! maybe you’ll work for someone else’s pictures but you need to get your words off of my kid’s face!)

find it fast

#4 Supporting independent artists

Another thing that sets Minted apart is that the designs are submitted by thousands of independent designers. You could even be a Minted designer! Check out how to submit your designs by clicking here. Not creative? You can still be part of the democracy by voting for designs you like here.

And I love that when you pick a style you like, there’s a link to read a little bit more about the designer. One of my favorites this year, We Are Family, is designed by Karly Depew of Oscar & Emma in Columbus, Ohio. You can read more about Karly and see more of her designs here.


#5 More than just great cards

Just click on Art Prints or Party Decor if you want your head to explode.  I mean, how about this Heart Snapshot custom art? Love it!


Or in the party decor section, this 10 foot gold bunting? Yes please!

gold bunting

#6 A Minted Giveaway

I know you thought I was going to say that the reason I picked Minted is because they sponsored this post, but you’re wrong. Sure. They are picking up most of the tab for my cards this year but they weren’t the only company that offered so know that I’m using Minted because I want to, not because I have to.

But I was feeling a little bribed (in a good way!) when they agreed to a $75 giveaway right here on Sue at Home. Because you know the only thing I love more than scoring a deal for myself is scoring one for you!

Giveaway details:

Prize: A gift certificate code worth $75 towards products on

Number of Winners: One

How to enter: Leave a comment telling me what you want for Christmas (or whatever holiday that you celebrate)!

Giveaway closes: Friday, November 22nd at 9 pm

One entry per email address permitted. Winner will be chosen at random using Winner will be posted on Sue at Home.

Thanks for entering!


Sue at Home

Lily’s Book Nook Outtakes and Giveaway Winner

23 Nov

Today, I’m busy avoiding Black Friday (though I did take advantage of the 75% offer at on this overdyed baby!) but I wanted to finish up some business from last week’s book nook post.

Last week I prompted you to visit the I See Me! website to see my guest blog about Lily’s new book nook. I thought I’d share with you a few outtakes that didn’t run on their site.

If anyone is wondering why I put it so close to the door instead of centering it on the wall, there is a good reason. Lily will probably only be in her toddler bed for less than a year and this wall is the place where the headboard of her twin bed will go once we make the switch.  The room is pretty small so we don’t have a lot of options.

Now, I just need to rework those pictures on the wall. I stuck a few color copies in there over a year ago and never fixed it!

She loves it! She’ s already having a blast changing the display.

Want to see more pictures of Lily’s room? Check out these other Sue at Home posts:

For lots of before and after pics – House Tour: Lily’s Room (Part 1)

 For a full source list – House Tour: Lily’s Room (Part 2)

And now for the part you’ve been waiting for! The winners of the I See Me! book giveaway are…Tracy G and Kelli S! The winners were selected using

Congratulations Tracy and Kelli and thanks to all for entering!

I’ve got a lot more giveaways coming up so don’t forget to subscribe to Sue At Home for more chances to win.


Sue at Home

Lily’s New Book Nook and Personalized Book GIVEAWAY!!!

13 Nov

When Lily was born, my friend Alex sent her an I See Me personalized book called My Very Own Fairy Tale. For years, we’ve read it to both of the girls and they’ve always loved it. So, when the folks at I See Me asked me to write a guest blog for their site, I jumped at the chance. Click on over to this special link (Sue at Home guest blog at I See Me) to see the book nook that I created in Lily’s room. Here’s a little peek:

Not only were the peeps at I See Me nice enough to ask me to write a blog post, but there’s more: they’re giving away two I See Me books to my readers! So sweet, right?

Giveaway details:

Prize: One I See Me book of the winners choosing

Number of Winners: Two

How to enter: Leave a comment below telling me who you’d like to give your I See Me book to

Giveaway closes: November 20th at 9 pm

One entry per email address permitted. Winner will be chosen at random using Winner will be posted on Sue at Home.

Good luck!


Sue at Home

Holiday Cards + Tiny Prints GIVEAWAY !!!

21 Oct

It’s mid-October and you know what that means, right? It’s time to start thinking about Christmas cards! I know, I might be crazy to start planning this early but the joy of giving and receiving cards each year is almost usurped by the joy I get from mocking up 50+ different versions on Tiny Prints. I always overwhelm myself with all the choices…but truth be told, I love it.  Trying different photos, changing font colors and text, and all within a super user-friendly format? It’s enough to make me start singing “It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year!”

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t love being overwhelmed by all those choices (816 different photo cards!), this post will help you navigate the Tiny Prints site, edit down the choices, and create a card that’s true to your style. (And if you win my giveaway–see below–Tiny Prints will give you $50 to get started.)

Before we look at this year’s contenders, let’s get inspired by my cards of the past.


I tend to pick a folded card each year so I can put one great picture on the front and then several pics from the year inside. In 2009, I knew I wanted to use the pink polka dot shirt picture on the front and I was very lucky to find a card that had a pink and green design. I loaded the inside with candids from throughout the year and then the back always gets a silly pic – like this trick-or-treating one.

Sue at Home Card-picking Tip: If you’re looking for a specific color based on the clothes or background in your photo, you can search by that shade with this handy tool on the left side of the Tiny Prints page.


I remember feeling torn that year because I thought I should use a more posed picture on the front and at the last minute, I decided to go with my gut and use my favorite photo of the year: the candid that I’ve talked about on this blog too often to count. It still brings a smile to my face.

Sue at Home Card-picking Tip: Don’t forget about that useful real estate on the back. Since we closed on our new house just days before Christmas, I used the back of the card as a moving announcement.


I remember taking my (very patient) girls out on a beautiful fall day and snapping about 700 frames. I kid you not. Tons were deleted before they were even downloaded but sometimes it takes a marathon shoot like that to get one good picture.

Sue at Home Card-picking Tip: Once you’ve selected the picture you want to use, look where the “dead space” is. In this photo, it was on the bottom left so I looked for card designs that had some text in that space.

Now that we’ve had a trip down memory lane, let’s look at some of the contenders for this year. I’m going to stick with what has worked in the past so on the Tiny Prints site I’ll select “1” under Number of Photos and “Folded” under Card Formats.

Sue at Home Card-picking Tip: In the field for Number of Photos, they’re referring to the front of the card only. You can select 1 there–like I do–and still plaster the inside with pics of your little darlings.

Now that I’ve got it edited down from 816 potential cards to 173 potential cards, I scroll through and “favorite” the ones that I like. Also, be sure to hover over the different color blocks to see the different color options. It might make you love a card that you were just meh about.

Now, I’ve got it down to 22 styles which is much more manageable. And then the fun begins! Pick one you want to personalize and get to work. Upload some photos (from your computer, Flickr, Facebook, Shutterfly, or pretty much wherever you keep your pics) and start playing with the layouts. You can just let the program plug your info into the layout or you can get crazy with customizing (new fonts, colored text, or other layouts). It all depends on what you want and how comfortable you are with getting creative.


I’m pretty sure that I want to use this picture of the girls that I took ON MY PHONE! I know that’s crazy to think that I have a pretty decent digital SLR camera and I want to put a phone pic on my Christmas card but this picture really says who the girls are this year. They’re fun, silly, stylish, and confident. Lily can’t wait to be a big girl like her sister–and she’s already testing out the attitude. Sophia is a total contradiction – messy hair and a killer outfit.  And so, I found some cards that the picture would fit in and gave it a try. (Pay attention because I’m going to ask you to vote!)

Option 1: Bright Ballad

Option 2: Delightful Diagonals

Option 3: Be Shiny

Option 4: Candy Cane Square

As for the inside, it’ll probably be some kind of collage of pictures. Something like this though I need to edit and brighten some of the pictures (this is the inside of Delightful Diagonals style shown above as option two):

Or, if I did the Candy Cane Square I could fit 9 pics inside, like this:

Then I started thinking that some of my favorite pictures from the year were on Instagram and I started to wonder what using all Instagram pics might look like. I instagrammed a few of my better pics too so I that I had a decent mix. I’m kinda digging it. Are you?

I’m still on the fence about which style I should choose and I could use your help. Let me know in the comments below which style you like the best and one of you will win a $50 gift card to Tiny Prints! That’s right! A big fat giveaway!!!

Giveaway details:

Prize: $50 off your order at (does not include shipping & cannot be combined with any other promos)

How to enter: Leave a comment below telling me which style you like best of the ones pictured above: Bright Ballad, Delightful Diagonals, Be Shiny or Candy Cane Square.

Giveaway closes: October 29th at 9 pm

Number of Winners: One

One entry per email address permitted. Winner will be chosen at random using Winner will be posted on Sue at Home.

Please use this link (Holiday Cards) to click on over to Tiny Prints to view their photo holiday cards for yourself! And don’t forget to check out Tiny Prints Special Offers page for great deals. Good luck!


Sue at Home

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Tiny Prints but as you can see by my cards from the last three years, I really do love Tiny Prints and I would never promote a company on Sue at Home that I wouldn’t recommend to a friend.

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