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4 Jun

This video has been making the blog circuit lately but it’s too good not to share. Aside from the video of the Yankees and Red Sox getting spooked by thunder like little girls, this is the most hysterical thing I’ve seen in a long time.


I’m in love with this lady. (And damn, it must be working because she is tight!)


Sue at Home

The Best Show of the Summer: So You Think You Can Dance

17 Jul

Some people complain about the TV shows that are on in the summer and as much as I would love some more Mad Men or a new Happy Endings, I’m so happy to have one of my favorite shows on right now: So You Think You Can Dance. I didn’t start watching the show until a few seasons in and as soon as I saw it, I was hooked. And let me be clear, this is no “guilty” pleasure. It’s just beautifully produced dance routines performed by spectacular dancers. And even if you’re not dance-obsessed, it is highly enjoyable for anyone with a pulse. Here’s why you should be watching too:

Reason #1: The contestants are REALLY good dancers. This show is nothing like other competition shows for the simple reason that everyone is ah-mahzing. You know what I mean, right? On Design Star, you know you watch it to see what crazy crap they’ll come up with next, right? And even on American Idol, a show that I think finds some pretty fabulous talent, each performance is still a little hit or miss. But on SYTYCD, they’re all good. Like as in, every performance, every week. ALL GOOD.

For a sick hip hop routine, check out Alex and Twitch in Outta Your Mind. Alex is a trained ballet dancer which would make you think he might not excel at hip hop. Well, you’d be wrong. This is a great example of how insanely talented they all are because I just don’t know how a ballet dancer can do this. Click here to watch the video.

Reason #2: The choreography is ridiculously great and there are tons of different genres of dance.  I mean, the show has won 10 Emmy’s and been nominated for 22, mostly for choreography. Where else can you see dancing like that on TV?

Want proof? Check out the Emmy winning contemporary routine Fix You from choreographer (and former SYTYCD contestant) Travis Wall starring two of my favorite dancers ever, Robert & Allison. You can watch the video here.

Reason #3: The costumes, hair, and makeup are spectacular and that really pulls the whole performance together.   (Sending props to my friend Amy Strozzi who heads the Makeup Department at SYTYCD. She’s so talented, it blows my mind!)

One peek at the Mia Michaels choreographed number  “Alice in Mia-land” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. You can see the video right here.

Reason #4: Super-host Cat Deeley. Not only is she an amazing Emmy-nominated host (it’s live and that’s not easy) but she’s also so pretty and so fashionable and so nice. Have you ever noticed that most people on TV have no taste and they all dress like crap? Well, not this woman. And here’s the kicker – she styles herself! No wonder she looks so great. For more on how she creates her looks for the show, watch her video series In The Dressing Room here. They’re cute short videos from each show and you’ll get to see how my girl Amy works that makeup magic.

And about being nice? Well, I can say she’s nice because Cat and I are best friends. Kidding. But I did style a shoot with her for LHJ last year and she was, without a doubt, the sweetest celebrity I’ve ever met. I had such a girl crush on her before the shoot that I was really nervous she wouldn’t live up to my expectations. But she did and more. Here’s a picture of us out to dinner after shooting all day. (That’s me and Cat on the left, then Hairstylist John D, Makeup artist Amy Strozzi, and LHJ Associate Fashion Editor, Gabrielle Porcaro.) See how me and Cat look like we’re best friends? Don’t believe it? Well, let’s just pretend this pic wasn’t staged because I’m such a super fan of the show and spent the whole day gushing to Cat, ok?

Reason #5: The judges actually know what they’re talking about. There’s not much to critique on this show because as I said before, the dancers are all fabulous, but the judges help separate the great from the extraordinary.

Reason #6: It’s inspiring. My kids are kind of obsessed with this show and last summer there was one dance in particular that we watched over and over. (No joke: Last summer’s finale is still in my DVR.)  In it, Melanie (who went on to win) ran across the stage and lept into the arms of Neil.

Well, we all loved this so much that the girls started performing the move with the help of their leading man: Daddy. (For the inspiration, go to 1:40 in this clip.)

And now, check out Sophia and Lily sharing the role of Melanie and Pablo in the role of Neil. (I tried to get him to do it shirtless but I lost so you lose, too. Or you win, depending on how you look at it.)

What about this season, you ask? Well, I’m not one to pick winners so early on but I can say that Audrey and Matthew’s Travis Wall routine from last week was hot as hell and I can’t wait to see more from those two.

So go set that DVR (or tune in Wednesday’s at 8) for the best show of the summer. Happy watching! (And dancing!)


Sue at Home

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