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Purely Ornamental

Let’s take a little tour of our crazy, color-filled tree but before I get into the ornaments, I need to tell you about our light tradition. Here’s the brief story a.k.a. Why I Have To Suffer Through Having Colored Lights On My Tree This Year:


It all begins back in the Owen house where we always had colored lights on our tree. When I became a crabby teenager who constantly told her parents what they were doing wrong, I boldly informed my mom that white lights were better. She said “When you have a tree of your own, you can have any color you’d like.” Hmph. She sure told me.

So when Pablo and I went to get our first tree, he wanted colored lights (because he grew up with them) and I didn’t want colored lights (because I grew up with them). Sooooo, we decided we’d trade off each year. For every “even” year over the last 12 years, we’ve had colored lights on our tree. (The “odd” years are all mine.) I know it’s a little ridiculous but I think the fun thing about family traditions is that you just make your own (or at least that’s what I tell myself when my tree looks W.T. like it does this year).

Now onto the ornaments: The reason I want white lights (aside from the fact that everyone knows they look  better)  is because our ornaments are sort of insane.  I believe in a “more is more” look. One of my favorite days of the year is when we get all the ornament boxes out and find all those memories. There are vintage ones that were my grandma’s, some from just about every trip we’ve ever taken, and all of the “gifts” that the kids have made for school for us over the years. It all adds up to some organized chaos and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Here are a few that I loved pulling out of that box this year:

This is an oldie that my mom gave me. I love that little 1950s hairdo.


This little friend came home with us from Aruba this year.


And this lobstah came from Maine where we ate all of his brothers.


This is one of those vintage ones that belonged to my grandma. We had a couple ornament casualties in the past years but this one has managed to survive.


Sophia got this Clara ornament the year that my mom took her to see the Nutcracker.


We picked up this giraffe ornament at the Brevard Zoo where we got to feed the giraffes.


Sophia made this wreath frame out of painted puzzle pieces in preschool.


This one came home from our honeymoon in Nevis 10 years ago. (Am I aware that these are mass-produced somewhere before they ship them to all the different islands? Yes, I am. But we got this in Nevis so just go with it, okay?)


And obviously a house with two girls who would create a Barbie spa needs to have a Barbie rock star ornament, right?  


I’m sort of obsessed with this crazy one that my Aunt Jen made for my parents back in the early 70s. It’s so wrong that it’s kinda right. I might try to figure out how to recreate one — or just buy one of these vintage kits from Ebay. It’s a foam ball with beads, sequins, and pins, plus of course that fabulous tassel. I think these should come back into style. Work with me, people. Let’s make it a thing.


And obviously we need to have tons of letter L ornaments and letter S ornaments. It’s almost like a game to count them all. tree-071

Well, that’s a tiny peek into the hundreds of ornaments we have on our tree. I’m sure the collection will grow as the girls do and I’ll pass some onto them when they have homes of their own — with any colored lights they want.

So, tell me. What are your tree-ditions?


Sue at Home

P.S. Sorry for the sort of blurry pics. I just need to make sure Santa knows how badly I need a tripod. Thanks Santa!