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A Crafty Present for Kids

My daughters are destined to be creative. Not only do they have a crafty mom to learn from but they also have two very arty Aunts. Their Aunt Paola (Pablo’s sister) is a graphic designer and artist who always sends birthday gifts from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. (How cool is that?) My brother’s wife, Jenn (who the girls call “Auntie”), is an avid scrapbooker and card maker who sent a really creative gift to Lily this year. I knew it would be good when she sent an email saying that Lily’s gift was inspired by something she had seen on Pinterest: this cool idea from She’s Crafty.

Lily was quite content with the idea of getting balloons but was even more thrilled when she realized there was something in each one.

That is, until she realized we would need to pop them to get the surprises out. After convincing her that whatever was inside was better than just balloons, she was okay with opening them. But popping them was out of the question for her (I think an older kid – or maybe just one that’s not as much of a scaredy cat as Lily – would have a blast popping them). So we gingerly opened each one with scissors (this is the Lily way!) and Sophia helped her add up the loot as each bill came out. $10! $15! $20! $25! Quite a haul! Thanks, Auntie!

So, off to Target we went. I let her hold her money for only a few minutes because of my bitter memories of the “Tragic $5 Event of 1978”.  Let me see if I can explain without welling up: I was about 6 or 7 and I was allowed to hold $5 (five weeks of allowance that I had saved up) and I put it down in the store and lost it. Needless to say, I don’t think I lost money ever again.

She perused the bracelets for a bit but decided there was nothing up to her standards.

But when she saw this handbag in the big girl’s section, there was no need to look any further. Until she realized she still had more money to blow! (Yes, she is probably the only person in the world small enough to still fit in the cart but old enough to want a purse!)

Here’s her final count. Glittery purse: $13. T-shirt: $5. Tutu skirt: $5. Two notebooks from the dollar section (she picked out one for Sophia!): $2. Picking whatever you want and learning the value of money: Priceless.

I gave her a little extra to cover the tax (I figured that was too big a concept for age 4) but she loved paying at the checkout.

All in all it was a fun and creative gift. Thanks Auntie!!

(What? You don’t do a little pose outside the store every time you leave Target?)


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