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Screen Prints by Ricardo Roig

I’m so excited to share a new find with you. Ricardo Roig is an amazing local artist who works primarily in screen prints. His work is stunning – and very reasonably priced which you know I LOVE.

Ricardo cuts each shape out of paper to create the stencil to print from. And then he does all the screen printing by hand. To learn more about his process, watch this beautifully edited video by George Gross. (It’s almost totally silent and yet I was completely captivated. Watch it.)

I really love all of his work but obvi, I’m partial to his Westfield series. (Boo hoo. The first one shown below, “Movie Night”, is sold out. But Ricardo assures me there’s a new downtown Westfield one coming soon. Maybe it’ll have our beautiful new store that I told you about here.)

Since Ricardo lives in Hoboken, he also has a number of Hoboken themed works that I love.

As my readers know, I think art teachers are awesome (I took Sophia to meet my high school art teacher last year) and Ricardo is actually an elementary art teacher here in Westfield. Doesn’t that make you love his work even more?

If you’re interested in purchasing an amazing screen print, contact Evalyn Dunn Gallery in Westfield or Tresorie in Hoboken.

In fact, Ricardo will be showing new works at Tresorie in Hoboken tomorrow, Sunday January 20th (that’ll probably be TODAY by the time you read this!) from 2-6. (Tresorie is located at 1204 Washington Street in Hoboken.) Tell Ricardo that Sue at Home sent you!

Speaking of art, I’m off to Sophia’s 2nd grade class on Monday to do an art presentation and project about Andy Warhol. Wish me luck. I’m not sure how I’m going to explain his themes to kids. I mean – do 7 year olds want to hear “Fascinated by morbid subjects and celebrity, Warhol symbolized Monroe’s mortality, and her media saturation through brash, assembly-line reproductions of her face.”? I think not.


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