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DIY Photo Booth

For Sophia’s Glamtastic Birthday Party at our house, I created a cheap and easy photo booth that the kids loved. All you need to create your own is a tripod, a camera with an interval timer, some accessories, and a backdrop. Let’s get to the photo fun!

I borrowed a camera from a friend so I’d still have mine free to photograph the rest of the party. I set the timer to start at the beginning of the party and to snap a picture every 10 seconds so the kids could just keep posing. I made sure to tuck the camera into a corner so the kids wouldn’t bump into it.


Then I placed a table with some accessories near the camera so the kids could dress up for each shot. Of course, you could make or buy some photo booth props like this awesome set from The Manic Moose on Etsy, but we had plenty of tiaras, hats, necklaces and feather boas around the house so we didn’t need to buy anything else. (Somehow I forgot to put out sunglasses which is interesting considering we have a bowl full of kids’ sunglasses sitting on our foyer table everyday! Oh well. They survived without them!)

I used the photo from Sophia’s party invitation to make a ‘Photo Booth Rules’ sign that read, “1. Grab a prop or accessory. 2. Stand on the X. 3. Smile!”


To make a backdrop, I hung two gold fringe curtains and a few tissue paper decorations from Oriental Trading but you could just use a nicely painted wall to make this project totally free. (But in my experience, kids are kind of obsessed with these metallic curtains so go ahead and spring for them! I think I might even hang them in the playroom so we can keep them around forever.) I added an X on the floor with painter’s tape so the kids would know where to stand.


Then we set the timer on the camera and let the “photo booth” do the work!


The camera snapped over 800 frames and I only kept about 150 so there were lots of frames of the background with no one in it. But overall the project was super easy and the kids looooooved it. (As you can see!)

DIY photo booth at sueathome


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DIY Party Invitations

Tick tock tick tock…the countdown is on to Sophia’s birthday party! I’ve got less than two weeks to get everything together so it’s crunch time now, people. I do this to myself every year. I have wayyyyyyy more ideas than I can possibly execute. But I think I’ve got a good jump on it this year. (Ha ha! I’m sure “future me” will reread that next week and laugh her ass off!)

almost 8- 104

We’ve decided to have a “Glamtastic” party at our house  next Saturday night. We’ll have manicure and makeup stations, a DIY photobooth, a “gem” covered cake, DIY jeweled favors and possibly a fashion show and/or dance party. If everyone comes (and for some reason everyone always comes to parties in March!), we’ll have 17 seven- and eight-year-old girls in our tiny house. God bless us all. (Check out all the inspiration on my party dedicated Pinterest board.)

To set the scene, I decided to make a DIY invitation with the help of one of my favorite websites: Picmonkey. (Did you know that every single photo you’ve ever seen on this blog has been edited using Picmonkey? Well, now you do.) I started with this candid picture of Sophia.


I know you may not believe that this wasn’t staged but it really just happened! Sophia had just received that awesome Children’s Place dress, glittery boots, plaid shirt and earmuffs. She tried it on…and then sat on the couch to watch TV! (She and Lily were both so obsessed with those dresses, they kept wearing them for days.) Anyway, I snapped the pic and it seemed like the perfect image for a girly, glam party invite. Using PicMonkey, I added a bunch of filters plus 2 of my favorite fonts: Special Elite (that’s the typewriter-ish one that I always use on Sue at Home) and Budmo Jiggler (that’s the name-in-lights one) and ended up with this:

Sophia's invitation 4 edit

Next I just printed them on cardstock on our printer at home and sliced the edges off with my trimmer.

fiskars trimmer 038

Then I added a couple little gems to each one.


Stay tuned for all the party details! Lots more coming soon. Wish me luck!


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