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Hurricane Preparations

In this blog, I write a lot about the unimportant things in our homes, like pink chairs, DIY art, and jewelry storage. But today all I care about is the people inside and the walls and the roof that keep us safe.

My biggest fear–over losing power or windows blasting out or not having enough food 0r not being able to get out or flooding–is a tree coming down on our house. If you had trees this big, you’d be scared too. (Doesn’t our house look like a little Lego house under that behemoth?)

We’ve decided to set up camp in the girls’ playroom since it’s the lowest part of the house. The worst of the storm is coming tonight so I can’t imagine sleeping anywhere upstairs under trees that are that big. We’ve moved the girls’ mattresses downstairs and inflated our air mattress while we still have power. The girls are thrilled and they’re working hard to set up an emergency Barbie house so she’ll be safe too.

I think we’re good on water, food and most importantly, beer & wine but we’re brewing a couple extra pots of coffee so I don’t have to go through withdrawal if/when we lose power. (That would not be pretty!)

We’ve got bags of ice in the freezer so hopefully that will keep everything cool for awhile. Unfortunately, we have an electric stove so it’ll be pb&j for days if we can’t cook anything.

Our firewood is stocked and we’re ready for nonstop fires if it gets colder.

I told Sophia that she might need to bundle up if we lose power and she put this look together. Gotta love that her sense of style is still intact in the face of a natural disaster.

The hardest part is to put on a brave face for the girls. We must be doing a good job of it because they are thrilled about our impending family sleepover! Good or bad, this is something they’ll remember for a long time.



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