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Pin of the Week: Pink Chairs

It’s no surprise that this week’s Pin of The Week was repinned. I mean, it’s a hot pink chair! Who doesn’t love a pink chair? OK – maybe the men in our lives don’t but I’m here to fight that notion. Look at this pic. Sure, the chair is pink but the rest of the room isn’t. Those grey walls and black desk are totally gender neutral. Quite simply, pink makes people happy. So, here’s my challenge to you: Show me the man who has lost his masculinity by having a pink chair in his house. What? You can’t find one? Yeah – I didn’t think so.

I saw my gorgy Pin of the Week on Mimi + Meg but it’s originally from a High/Low feature in Style At Home. Can you guess if this is the high or the low?

Let’s take a look at some more pink chairs and sofas (and even a bench and table combo). Do you love them? Are you brave enough to put one in your home?

I saw this baby on Small Shop in a guest post from Amelia of Colour Bloc. While zipping through the hundreds of blogs on my Google Reader, this image stopped me in my tracks. A pink chair does it every time! Love the nailhead wall and the almost highlighter tone of the chair.

I love this color against a dark wall. Is it dark chocolate? So sleek and not stuffy at all. via Apartment Therapy

This modern chair is a welcome surprise in that traditional space. And that disco ball on the shelf makes me cry happy tears. via The Househome

Welcome home! via Lonny

I’ve always loved this picture. It’s so luxe but looks like such a well-lived room. Maybe cause there’s a kid standing on the pink sofa! I love that little section of pictures on the wall. It keeps the room from feeling too fancy or precious. via ELLE Decor

This is an oldie from my Pinterest board and the link isn’t working anymore (anyone know the source?) but I had to include it. Those chairs really warm up a somewhat cold space. Sidenote: check out that 2-way couch. Great for entertaining but not much else.

This one was from Luxe and Lillies though I don’t know the original source. It’s so cozy and pretty. This is pretty much my dream room. (I just discovered that there are no less than 4 pins of this room from various angles on my Me Likey…home stuff Pinterest board. Oops. Guess that shows the love!)

Rita Konig via The Estate of Things‘s one simple magenta chair surrounded by a fabulous gallery wall and a gorgeous bar table is well…nothing short of spectacular.

The Hotel Belle Juliette in Paris (can you think of a more girly name than that?) features a room in the same palette as Sophia’s, lavender walls with hot pink. (You can see Soph’s room up in my blog header.)

I love a fancy pants hot pink sofa or chair paired with ultra modern stuff. via Small Shop

What a happy dining room! via Adore magazine

A lipstick chair is perfect for a feminine dressing room/closet. A girl needs to sit down to put her fancy shoes on, right? Via Tinsley Hutson-Wiley Interior Design

One of my favorites ever though it’s really too antiquey for me. And I think Pablo would draw the line at the green wall and feminine mirror! From my Me Likey..Home Stuff Pinterest board but the link isn’t working. I know I have the tearsheet of this somewhere too. (Anyone remember the source?)

 Even something more utilitarian can be pretty in pink! via This Pretty Space

This color saturated chair is SICK in an otherwise neutral space. From designer Tamara Kaye-Honey via Bitohoney blog via Design Manifest

So, here’s the thing: I want more pink in my house. I’ve got a hot pink cashmere throw on the sofa and of course, there’s this in the bedroom and this in the dining room but that’s not enough. At least not for me! I have this chair with a white slipcover in the living room. (See it below in this picture from Christmas-time. Guess I need to take some more recent pics of my living room!)

I got it at PB Teen a few years ago and sadly they don’t make it anymore. When I bought it, the slipcovers were on sale so I got three of them: white, pale pink and pale blue. I figured I could use the chair in one of the kids rooms in the future but the colors of the slipcovers are all wrong. So, I’m thinking: could I get brave and dye the light pink slipcover darker pink? I mean, it’s sitting in a bin in my make-shift linen closet so why not? And if it comes out horribly, I still have the white one that I love.

The scary part is not the presence of a hot pink chair in the living room. It’s the dying part that terrifies me. I’ve always been scared of the idea of dumping some dye in my nice washing machine. I mean, that’s the thing that takes dirt out of clothes – not puts color in! Won’t it dye my washer? Anyway – I’ve decided to be brave and go for it! And you know I’ll bring you along for the ride…

Update: I did it! I dyed the slipcover! And it’s EPIC! Check it out here

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Foyer Makeover

It’s just a foyer. I need to remind myself of that. But when this is the “before” shot, any change is going to feel epic.

The amount of time I’ve put into thinking about what to put in this space is sort of insane. And here’s the crazier part, it’s actually not even a real foyer. You see, my front door opens into my living room so this is just a wall. Just a small space by the front door. But I’ve never had a proper entryway space so for years I’ve been dying to have a pretty console table with a lamp and a nice bowl for my mail and a place to put my handbag instead of on a dining chair (where it lived in our old house) or on the floor (where it goes now). We have no mudroom and this is the way we enter the house so in addition to this little vignette being decorative, it needs to be functional.

So, I started thinking.  And dreaming.  And pinning. And the next thing I knew I had a Foyer Inspiration Board with 128 pins. That’s right. 128 pins of foyer ideas. And the more I pinned, the more confused I got. I felt like I had a million different ideas swirling and I needed to start making decisions.

 Question 1: Should I choose a classic console table with no storage…   (image via Decor8)

..or go for a sideboard or credenza that would offer a place to hide some stuff? (image via Annie Schlechter)

The winner is: Open. Even though the idea of some extra storage was enticing, we have a heating/AC vent on that wall so I opted to go with something open.

Question 2: Should I put storage bins underneath…

….or should I put some stools or poufs or even a pair of dreamy x-benchs for extra seating?

(image below via Desire to Inspire)

The winner is: Neither. Since storage was key, I found a table with a top and bottom shelf so there’s no space underneath for either. But I do plan on having some small stools to each side of the table.

Question 3: Should I use one lamp…

…or go for some symmetry (which is SO not my style but I kinda like for an entryway)?

The winner is: The jury is still out on this one. I’m currently borrowing one lamp from the bedroom. The table isn’t super long so if I do two, they would need to be small. I think I’m leaning toward asymmetry though. I’m just more of an off-kilter kinda girl.

Question 4: Should I use oversized art…

…or an oversized mirror (in which case I’d use my grandmother’s old mirror that I’ve had for years)?

(image via Apartment Therapy)

The winner is: Grandma! (But my regular readers already knew that though from this post.) Yup, I hung my grandma’s old mirror vertically above the table. (It was hanging horizontally above Grandma and Grandpa’s couch when my parents sat there and my dad proposed to my mom!)

Question 5: Do I go crazy with color…

(Tory Burch showroom via Habitually Chic)

…or keep it clean and luxe with neutrals? (image via The Decorista)

The winner is: A little bit of both. Since the wall is teal, I already have some color so I’m keeping the furnishings clean and neutral. But this is my house, after all, so I’m sure there will be some color in the styling which is still a work in progress.

Do you understand now what I meant when I said I was putting way too much thought into this decision? Oh – and keep in mind that like all things in my house, this needed to be done on a tiny budget. Like, as-cheap-as-is-humanly-possible budget. So tune in to my next post to see the table I ended up with and hear all about the INSANE deal I got on it. Make sure to click the link below to subscribe to posts by email so you won’t miss a thing.


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Images:  I tried to link to original sources when possible, but in the cases I couldn’t find them, you can locate them all on my Pinterest board called Foyer Inspiration.