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The Big Reveal – Foyer Makeover Part 3

I know I was really teasing you with the last 2 posts about my foyer makeover (inspiration here and finding the table here) but without any further adieu, I give you OUR FOYER:

It’s still a work in progress so don’t go getting all judgmental on me! As I mentioned yesterday, the table is the South Seas bar cart from Serena & Lily. Let’s take a look at the other details.

Right now the foyer is borrowing a lot of things from around the house. The one thing that’ll stay for sure is the mirror. It used to hang in my grandparent’s living room so sorry, you can’t have it! It has a weird, streaky, antiquey look to it which makes it perfectly imperfect. (I know my grandparents are looking down from heaven and loving that I’m using it. But I can bet my grandfather, a simple man who did not like change or forward-thinking, would have have had something to say about my decorating choices. His favorite line was, “That’s…different.”)

A nice bonus about the mirror is that everyone in the house – from the smallest to the tallest – can see themselves in it.

The bowl is from Jayes but I bought it on One Kings Lane so it was a little cheaper than they are on the Jayes site. One Kings Lane features Jayes products quite often so I suggest signing up for emails if you’re interested. Why all the sunglasses, you ask? Well, the ladies of the house like to have choices and anyone with kids knows that you can never have too many. I can’t explain it but somehow kid’s sunglasses just evaporate. I pick up at least 10 pairs at The Children’s Place each year because I believe that $3 each is a fair price to pay to ensure no one has a tantrum in the park because it’s too sunny.

Plus, sunglasses really complete a look, dontcha think?


The vase is one of my many turquoise vases that get moved around the house whenever I feel that a room needs some color. (The collection is like a disease at this point. I. can. not. stop.) My mom bought this one for me at Sylvester & Co in Sag Harbor many years ago but I found a couple of similar styles on the site Design Darling (which BTW has lots of goodies that I would love).  Sidenote: Yes, that is my cell phone charging there. I decided to leave it in the picture in an effort to “keep it real” because even when my phone is not there, the charger will be. It ain’t pretty but I really hate editing out something like that. And yes, this house gets a lot more “real” then just a charger laying around but I don’t think you need to see Lily’s balled up socks that she leaves all over the house, do you?

On the bottom shelf is my custom acrylic tray from Jonathan Adler. Pablo got it for me for Christmas and it has been on the living room coffee table since then but I thought it was pretty cute here. Before you get jealous that my husband is cool enough to know to get me something so awesome, just know that he selected it from a list of  approved gift options from Miss Controlling over here. (That’d be me.) I know you might think I’m crazy to do that but this is the man who gave me a cheap packaged fragrance set for my birthday the first year we were dating. Oh, the horror…

Speaking of Jonathan Adler, did you see his Shelter Island house (with hubby Simon Doonan) in Architectural Digest? It’s to die for. Oh, and I just discovered that he has a Manifesto on his site that has some similar ideas to my own Manifesto. His made me laugh out loud – especially the second one! So true.

Another thing I wanted to share is how the plugs fit right into one of the openings on the bottom shelf. That’s one of those happy accidents that you couldn’t plan if you tried.

The last element is the lamp. Right now it’s on loan from our bedroom. (One guess who’s side of the bed I stole it from. Sorry sweetie!) There are a million similar ones on the market now but I got mine about 10 years ago from Martha Stewart’s website before she had all kinds of licensed products at Home Depot like she does now. Here’s a similar version at Lamps Plus and one from Amazon that’s cheaper (and looks it). I love how it looks in the space but I do want it back in the bedroom asap so I need to find something else to replace it. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when I’ll try a bunch of different options.

And in an effort to REALLY “keep it real”, I’m going to show you why I referred to this space as “not really a foyer”.

And I’m going to show you one of the most embarrassing, yet beloved, pieces of furniture in my house – the old comfy sofa we got at Macy’s 10 years ago.

What did you say? Is that a bi-fold closet door I have, you ask? Why yes. Yes, it is. Are your eyes bleeding yet?

Maybe this will make you feel better: a shot of the space when we first saw the house. No, don’t adjust your monitor. It really was that devoid of color. I know. It makes me sad, too.

And don’t forget there’s more I want to do. Like adding some little stools or poufs to the side of the table. I’d love to get some X-benches. Maybe something like a pair of these from Ballard:

And I’m still dreaming of adding a large section of wallpaper in a frame. But we’ll see if I ever have the bravery to add wallpaper back into my house. You know all about my love/hate relationship with wallpaper. But still, I’d love to do something like this:

What do you think? And could I ever choose a piece of wallpaper that I could commit to? I’m quite the commitment-phobe, you know. And please…tell me what you think? Is it fabulous and functional? Or plain and boring? Is it fancy? Casual? Simple? Is the table too beachy? Rustic? Or is it perfect? I’m kinda feeling like it’s a decent start but it certainly needs a little personality and love.

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