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Half Bath “Before” Shots and Design Plans

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I’ve finally broken ground on my half bath renovation by yanking a couple loose tiles off the wall.

By the way, I also ripped down the wallpaper. Yup. I’m crazy like that.

half bath instagream photo

Unfortunately, that’s where the reno stopped. You see that thick cement that was behind the tiles? That’s known as a mud job and it’s going to be a serious mess to take out. I’m getting a team on board to make this change happen but in the meantime, let’s look at the befores of this blue tile half bath and a peek at my design plans.

You’ll remember that this is the small bathroom off of our small master bedroom. (See more about that here.) It’s only a half bath because…well, who would want a shower in their master bath? (This girl. That’s who. And no, I’m still not getting one. )

Let’s go inside.

Oh yeah. That’s a lotta blue tile and tan checked wallpaper.

half bath 114

There’s a window that lets in some nice light but that’s about the extent of the good stuff.

half bath 118

We’ve got two “fancy” hooks from Target that we use to hang our towels on. (There’s not much room in the other bathroom to leave them there.) This was an upgrade from the wooden ones that were there when we moved in. Gross.

half bath 121

Did you want to see my toilet? No? Well, then marvel at the grimy tile floor. (P.S. The toilet’s staying. The blue porcelain toilet paper holder? Not so much.)

half bath 125

The vanity is…well, it’s pretty cheap and ugly. And we’re keeping it. No, that wasn’t a joke.  You see, the space between the wall and the doorway is tiny. And it can only accomodate a vanity that’s 18 inches deep or less. Have you ever looked for a vanity that shallow? The pickins are slim. And yes, I know we could have something custom but I just don’t want to get into that. (And the cha-ching that would go with it.) The plan is to paint it–either white or black–and change the faucet and hardware. Sidenote: Dontcha love the tinfoil and duct tape used to cover the vent? It’s right above the furnace and it’s the strongest vent in the house so this room–the smallest one in the house–has the most heat blasting into it during the winter. Make sense? I didn’t think so either.

half bath 132

A medicine cabinet is a necessity (as is the vanity storage, which is another reason we’re keeping it) so as much as I would like to just slap a huge mirror up there, we need to replace this with something with storage. (Spoiler alert: I already found one and it. is. awesome!) The light, obviously, is going too.

half bath 128

Overall, it’s not a horrible bathroom. It’s just not us. Because we’re not 1955.half bath 137

 Now, onto the good stuff. The inspiration for the new design!

Someone sent this box of Laduree macarons to me over a year ago and I put a picture of it on Instagram with the text “I’m getting SO inspired by this Laduree box! Bathroom makeover palette perhaps?” It’s proof that inspiration can strike from anywhere!

half bath laduree photo (1)

Since then I’ve been on the hunt for bathrooms in black, green and gold. Stuff like this:

pinterest green tile

And this:

malachite wallpaper

And this by Nate Berkus from Architectural Digest:

nate berkus AD

And this from Apartment Therapy:

apt therapy palm wallpaper

I thought about malachite (which I love) and wallpaper and malachite print wallpaper. And I thought about the banana leaf wallpaper shown above and the other banana leaf wallpaper. (Did you know there were two different ones? I didn’t until I found this awesome blog post on The Glam Pad. Apparently, the famous one from The Beverly Hills Hotel is called Martinique but the one at the Greenbriar is actually Brazilliance. Who knew?)

But ultimately, I felt it was all a little too dark and busy and dramatic for this tiny half bath.

Then I thought about adding in white. LOTS of white. And using the black, gold and green as accents. And then this happened. This being  that I stumbled upon this AMAZING powder room renovation that Jessica Waks posted on Style At Home.

malachite mirror

People. It’s a malachite-trimmed mirror. My head nearly exploded! Even Pablo was excited about it when I showed it to him. But then I saw the price. Unfortunately, this mama is not getting a malachite mirror for “price upon request”. (I can’t seem to find the exact price right now but I recall it was something like $3500 or maybe more. Obviously it’s from Made Goods because everything they make takes my breath away. Ya know, like a turquoise shagreen table or a gold nugget lamp or A MALACHITE MIRROR!)

But the look of the whole room did show me that more white was the way to go. So I’m going for a much cleaner, more modern, white bathroom with hints of black, green, and plenty of antiquey brass.

Soon I’ll be back with the full design plan but for now just marvel at the gorgeous new hooks and knobs I picked up at Anthropologie to get the process started.

half bath photo (97)

Do they make you as excited as they make me?


Sue at Home

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Pin of the Week: Malachite

It’s been awhile since I did a Pin of the Week but then again, it’s been awhile since I saw something that seriously took my breathe away like this one. When I spied this image of a Sally Wheat design on Marcus Design, I audibly gasped. I don’t know what it is about malachite. I don’t even love that green color but something about the swirly pattern in the stone…I just can’t get enough of it.

There have been a few other malachite images on the interwebs for awhile now. Let’s take a peek.

I’ve always loved Amanda Nisbet’s designs but those chairs on the cover of her new book have me swooning!

This little malachite bowl from Hillary Thomas is the kind of thing that makes my heart go pitter patter. Can someone please tell Santa?

And while I’m sweating over Hillary Thomas’ bowl, why not check this finial from her, too. Dying! Would it be wrong to stick an $85 malachite finial on a lamp from Target?

If a big slab of the real deal is what you need, you can find it here.

This has been one of my favorite pics forever (perhaps you could tell because I’ve pinned it to my foyer inspiration board no less than 3 times). One pin said it was from ELLE Decor but I’m having a hard time confirming that. Please let me know the original source if you know it. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here dreaming of big ass brass lamps on a malachite console table. Delish!

Check out this beautiful little table from Global Views.

Window treatments never made such an impact. via Elle Decor via Coco and Kelly

At $179, this is kinda pricey for how teeny tiny it is but still, it would look great in any room. From The Evolution Store.

Is it any surprise that 1st Dibs has only sold the spectacular top of this table and not the farty boring base?

I might buy this before you do. I mean, lucite AND malachite??

Update: Check out this never-before-seen vintage faux malachite ice bucket. Isn’t it spectacular? It’s from Ivy and Vine and it’ll be available at a special Ivy & Vine sale on One Kings Lane on November 11th. If you can’t wait til then, email Heather at to get first dibs. (Thanks Heather for the Sue at Home exclusive!)

And thanks to Marcus Design, we now have a resource for malachite printed fabric. (Thanks Nancy! Marcus Design is totally becoming a favey blog of mine!)

So, the question now is…what am I going to do with this knowledge? What can I use it for? Pillows for the living room couch? Seat cushions for the dining room?  Or maybe something for the mid-century man cave? I don’t what I’ll do with this fabric yet but one thing’s for sure, I’ll show you the results!


Sue at Home

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