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DIY Pom Pom Sign

How awesome is this party banner from Napkin on Etsy?


I’ll answer my own question with this one:

bitch please

It wasn’t long after spotting these that my gears started turning. I’m obsessed with the Etsy ones but I knew I could DIY something similar for the playroom (with more kid-friendly language) and once I saw these neon pop poms at AC Moore, this project was ON! (I also picked up F, U, and N fiberboard letters and fabric glue there, too. Total project cost: about $20 and I had a lot of pom poms and fabric glue left over.)


First I got out my trusty dropcloth and laid out the letters and pom poms. I really liked the randomness of the pom poms on the Napkin ones so I tried to be meticulously haphazard! I started with the biggest ones and let them fill some of the space.


Then I filled in around the big ones with medium, small and teeny tiny ones.


I started by applying the glue to the pom pom directly but that was a sticky mess so I switched to this method. The glue I used was no joke so it wasn’t long before they were really sticking. FUn pom pom collage

It took a LOT longer than I imagined (and I started to understand why Cortny charges $60+ for her banners).

But eventually they started to get full. I love that they have an uneven landscape. Plus, they’re so fluffy and soft– they’re like Muppets!


And here’s the “after”…ta da!


I hung them in the playroom on tiny nails over the girls’ art table. That gold business behind them is the mylar curtain that we used for the photo booth at Sophia’s Glamtastic Birthday Party. My kids are kind of obsessed with those things so I decided to repurpose it in our playroom. (Bonus: It disguises the fact that the room has ugly wood paneling!)


They love the letters and I’m already thinking of how I can incorporate more pom poms into the space.

FUN-342- pin

Stay tuned for more playroom updates. It’s getting there…a little bit. (Check out the way it used to look here.)


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