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NYIGF Awards

It’s been weeks since I went to the New York International Gift Fair and I’m still excited about all the goodies I saw. I only had a few hours so I didn’t get to every booth (not even close!) but I found so many fun things that I’d like to give out some Sue at Home Awards to my favorites.

The Just-What-I-Needed Award goes to Tord Boontje’s garland light for Artecnica. I don’t think it’s new but it struck me right away since I think it will be just the thing our master bedroom needs to replace the boob light. I’m thinking gold. Or silver? Or gold? Or…what do you think? At that price I could get them both!


The Best-Deal award goes to these cute reuseable stick-on party banners from Stickr. Only $19.95!


The Best-Color-Combo award goes to Jill Rosenwald for this orangey and purple mix. Read more about Jill Rosenwald’s new goodies in my all-Jill post here.


The My-Ladies-Would-Love-This award goes to Atusyo et Akiko for these pretty necklaces and bead kits. I’ve loved this brand forever–I have one of their Je T’Aime pillows on my pink chair–so it was nice to see their other offerings. (That bead kid would be a fun DIY too!)



The Nice-To-Meet-You award goes to Alexandra Ferguson who makes these gorgeous pillows from recycled plastic bottles. I’ve been wanting one for awhile so it was nice to meet the designer behind the brand. I’ve been dying to get the Let’s Make Out pillow but I think it would just prompt too many questions from the kids that I’m not ready to answer! Maybe her new at last pillow will be mine…



The Just-Can’t-Get-Enough-Washi-Tape award goes to Sweet Bella who had this amazing display.


The Welcome-To-Wonderland award goes to Seletti for…well, everything. Their booth had me dropping my chin over and over. Check out the neon tipped china!


Ironically enough, I spotted a DIY version by Shop Sweet Things on Pinterest a day after I saw the Seletti ones. Pretty great, right?

I also LOVED the amazing Palace set of china. I’d have to much fun playing with it!


And seriously…a card table? Like a real card table??


And the fun continues with these half and half plates.


The Too-Many-To-Choose-From award goes to Areaware’s animal pillows. They’re not new but they sure are cute.


The Destined-To-Be-Icon award goes to Jonathan Adler’s new Bond Lucite collection of brass and lucite tables and this stunning etagere. Read my full recap of JA’s booth here. (Did I mention I saw Mr. Adler himself there? I audibly gasped and then scurried away. Cool, Sue. Real cool.)


The Maybe-They-Are-Worth-It award goes to Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s acrylic collection. I had seen it online, fell in love, and then instantly fell out of love when I saw the prices. I mean…$388 for an acrylic candy bowl? Really? REALLY? But then I saw them in person and I thought they might actually be worth it. They’re pretty fabulous. Still…I don’t have $388 for a candy bowl so I’ll continue to desire from afar…



The Color-and-Pattern-Overload award goes to Images D’Orient for their amazing PVC coasters, placemats, trivets, chargers and just about anything else you can make out some rubbery stuff.


The I-Wanna-DIY-You award goes to these cute glittery letters from Tinsel Trading. I see glitter in my future….


I hope you enjoyed a little tour of the show. I’d like to say a little thanks again to Minted for my awesome business cards. I passed out tons of them at the show and just about everyone said “Cute card!”

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. I’ve got so many projects going on that I haven’t had time to blog about them all! But stay tuned for all the good afters!


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