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Look for Sue at Home by searching sue_erneta on your favorite social media sites (or just click the images or links below).

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On my Pinterest page, you’ll find over 25 boards and thousands of pins. My most popular board is ME LIKEY…Home Stuff where I pin any decor image I’m gasping over that doesn’t fit into another specific home decorating category (like Kitchen Inspiration, Foyer Inspiration, Bathroom Inspiration or The Mid-Century Man Cave to name a few). You’ll also find a Style board — which is mostly street style pics –and a Beauty board that I use for photo shoot inspiration for my day job.  (Speaking of that day job, you can find some of my best work on the board called Favorite Fashion Pics from LHJ.) I read a lot of blogs and I pin a lot of great images so go ahead and follow them all!

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I always have my phone in my pocket and I love instagramming everything from great decor ideas to pics of my cute kids to sneak peeks at upcoming blog projects. And sometimes even just a pretty picture.

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Twitter is a great place to get links to the latest blog posts and just my random thoughts and pictures!

Or just email me at

I’d love to hear from you!

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